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The Tin Foil Throne: Chapter One

December 29, 2017


In this world, there is only one way to show you rule it, to sit on the Tin Foil Throne. A throne made of pure foil, and a bit of silver to kill vampires, it proves you rule the entire world, no matter if they You subjects like you or not.

Well kind of.

You see, it is common law that is someone sits on the Tin Foil Throne for twenty minutes, they officially the King of the World. Many people want to be king of the entire world, so this causes many problems for the state of the nation. 

The current King of the World, Stefan of the Western Kingdom, had recently got a rather nasty cold ,and died, so anyone was free to take a seat on the throne. The problem was, no could sit on it for twenty minutes, as they either died, or simply realized the pressure of being King of the World.

However, one man, Steve, was going to try to sit on the Tin Foil Throne. However, he had one problem.

Everyone else wanted to sit on it.


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