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I am 15 years old and live in England. I am currently doing my GCSE's and my favourite subject by far is English and I absolutely love reading!!

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I would like to know how to make my writing sound more sophisticated
My mum is always saying that I waffle a lot and my ideas do not flow throughout my writing
Although naturally I do not believe her
I would love to hear your thoughts about my writing and see if these points are true or if she is being over critical ;)

Mum knows best

July 14, 2014

All parents obviously think they know what is best for their child hence why they use the phrase 'parents know best'. Well i can tell you now i used to hear that phrase in my mums lectures so many times i just end up saying it for her because i knew exactly when she was going to say it! A year ago i laughed when my mum told me she knew what was best for me, i didn't listen to her and for a long time this year i had to pay the consequences. I knew it was coming, and i knew i would have no choice but to pay the consequences but i wasn't aware of just how severe they would be. I have always hated studying science at school because i don't understand it so therefore it bores me because i cannot get involved with the lessons because i don't know anything. It's not because i don't try but that i just don't understand it however i choose or am told to revise it. It is the one lesson i dread everyday. In the exams that we have every so often i just about manage to pass it. My mum told me that i should stay after school and talk to the teachers, see what they could do to help but i just was not interested at all. She suggested that i do some extra work around the topic but again i had just given up. I had all of the revision guides at home untouched.The teachers don't really care about my grades either, as long as i pass its all right for them (and at the time i was). But i will have to live with that regret for a long time after knowing that i could have done something to change the situation i was in something but just couldn't be bothered to give up some of my own time for a chance at achieving a better grade. In the end mum and i had both given up and she said that i would have to learn the hard way. So i settled for just that because i didn't believe that it wouldn't be as hard as she was making it out to be because she always exaggerates everything. This academic year i started my GCSE's which are obviously very important as they determine the rest of my life. A few weeks into the term and was already failing science because of my lack of enthusiasm for it. My teachers were not bothered but this is the day i thought that something needed to change; i started working harder and got rid of the mental block that was starting to take over. My grade slowly but steadily improved throughout the year and now i am back to passing the subject. I'm still not where i want to ultimately be but i am getting there and still have another year of learning to go! For this reason i ultimately believe that parents know best and don't nag you just because they feel like it. To this day i listen to almost everything my mum has to say to me. There is always a reason for what they are saying but at the end of the day its up to you if you want to listen to it or not.


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