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Magic Wars: Chapter Four

December 29, 2017


When Bertrand said he could manipulate the wall, he ,Dante he could punch it. This is essentially how Eartmasters manipulate walls, by punching them, and sometimes reconnecting the shards of the wall to make a new wall. But Bertrand had no interest in getting his hands dirty, and really wanted to get out of the Labyrinth. 

They stumbled led into a underground canal, which, at least James thought, led to an aquifer. It had a hole at the top of the ceiling, which was presumably for ventilation purposes.

They both went in the shallow water, and looked up.

”I have no idea where that leads,” Bertrand said,”I knew pretty much of the underground areas around the city.”

”Grab me,” James said.

”What?” Bertrand asked, understandably confused.

”Grab me,”

”...Are you coming on to me?”

“No, I’km an Aquarius,”

”Bless you,” Bertrand said. He then thought about then said,”Ooohhh, I got you.”

He then grabbed James’s arm, and he then made a pillar of water going up to the hole. Once they got up to it, they climbed out of it.

Bertrand seemed happy about this, as he went down to the ground, saying things like ‘I missed you’ and the like.

But their celebration didn’t last for long, as a completely different threat to their survival was going to show his face.


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