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PSEO student at CLC
Work at Nelson Shine Produce
I love farming
Luv my bestie Hadley

Message to Readers

This is the main character from my book The Hidden Truth.

Day 13 - A Previously Made Character Who Wants to be Alone

December 30, 2017


    Crisa sighed in comfort as she reached the woods. This was her safe haven. Nature. She loved her friends, Shawn and Karen, but sometimes she just needed to be alone and separate from the world. A chickadee chirped at her from its delicate branches. "Chick-a-dee-dee-dee-dee-dee," Crisa called at it. It sang back at her with evident cheer. Crisa swung up into a tree, her tree."I love the wild," she sighed. She gasped at the sight of a doe with her fawn. They softly blinked at her with serenity. "You all look so happy." The doe trotted off with her fawn at her heels. "This is perfect."


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