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It's all about you

October 11, 2015

PROMPT: Open Prompt

It’s all about you
            I know it’s really unfair to talk about stories that aren’t belong to you, but I hope that the fact that is real unknown and special will excuse this fact. Few days ago I had the opportunity to take part of one of the most important cultural activity in our country and at this activity was invited some of the biggest and richest directors of companies from our country .One of the directors talked about his own life story and it really impresses me so I’m gone tell you what was about.            I can’t tell his real name ,so I will call him Joe-a common name, because this story can be the story of all people around the world. So…Joe grew up in a lovely family ,who offered him all the attention and support that he needed .He had a big family ,with two sisters and one brother, and he was the youngest .His father was an incredible man who was working as a small officer and his mother was a house-wife. I hnow that the story of his parents is interesting to ,but I’m gone focus on the little boy’ story .So even if he had a great family ,he was an unhappy boy ,because his parents didn’t earn enough to afford him to compare with the others boys from the school. Nobody liked him because he wasn’t beautiful, smart or rich ;he was just a shy boy that couldn’t find his place in that cruel society .We all hnow this feeling of disappointment and helpless cause by the fact that life isnt’s playing fair .When we born everybody is talking about compassion and equlity but when we grow up we are starting to ask some question to the univers ;”why some people are happy and the others not”,” why some people are healthy and the others not ”,”why some people are rich and the others not ”,so why?
             The little child grow up, and converted in a frustrated teenager who believes life is not about helping other people ,or being happy, it was just about how good you are ,and in our times how good you are means how money you get .He has started to work at the age of 14 year old ,and when he was 20 he has already have a very good job .The years were passing and every year get him more and more money and influence, so when he was 30 he has have his own company .Now, you’re probably asking what’s the point ,because this is the story of most of the rich people-a sad childhood and an frustrated teenage will convert into money who bring you a luxury life ,but not a happy one.The fact about my story is that I hate the unhappy endings , so my story is gone have not just a good end, but a wonderful one. Joe and all his money were walking few months ago on one of the most populated streets from the city, when a little dirty and poor child asked him if he wanted to buy an old book-in the beginning Joe said no ,because he was a really busy man ,but then he thought that the boy wasn’t a bagger ,because he offered something in change for the money and he seemed very intelligent so he stoped to buy the book and talked a little with the child .In that way, he found that the child run out with his little brother from home because their parents beat them ,and because he hadn’t got any other relatives or friends, the boy start to sell old books, which he has gotten from free or has paid a little for them. This was the moment when Joe realized that life isn’t unfair, we make it seems this way because we are all taking part in an unbreakable chain of unhappiness. We are sad or mistreated in some point of our lives ,but instead of learning a lessons when we grow up we make the same mistakes ,at ours predecessors ,we make other people feel sad or mistreated. So Joe saw himself in the little boy who started to work at a very young age ,in the boy who see how cruel is life and who feel for this life only hate .Joe thought that this was the moment to change something, to break the chain of unhappiness ,so he helped the little boy and his brother, and he find the fact of helping the two of them make him happier than all his success in career .So, Joe decided to invest a big part of his money in a nonguvernamental association which its main aid is to help people all around the country.
             In the end,I want to send a messege to my writers ,I want to ask them to response of these questions :when was the last time when you help someone, how often you think of other people besides yourself, people around you are happy ,if not- why aren’t you try to change it ,if yes- is that because of you even in small part? I think it’s time for you to break the chain too ,because let me tell you a secret: helping people it’s not about how money you earn ,how old you are,where are you from …it’s just about your will,so do you want to brake the chain? Reply, Reply All or Forward | More


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