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(Hi, I'm a lazy person who won't commit to a daily writing challenge, and you're watching Disney Channel) 20 FACTS ABOUT ME

By: DanaG


I would tell you more personal information, but that would just ruin my anonymity, wouldn't it? 

1. I am a proud Hispanic (I speak Spanish). 
2. I LOVE acting. 
3. I'm top of my class, straight A's, whatever but I HATE bragging about it. 
5. My favorite movie is Spirited Away.
6. I also like Stranger Things :D
7. Favorite superhero is Wonder Woman, hands down. 
8. Believe in equal rights of any kind (wahoo)
9. I'm a Hufflepuff!
10. I became a published author at 13 when one of my poems placed in a local youth writing contest. It was in an anthology! 
11. I am very short. 4"11. 
12. I honestly don't know what I am going to do with my life. As long as it's cool. I'm thinking either having a writing driven or a science driven career and it's hard to choose.
13. I am the team captain of my Science Olympiad team (look it up, it's complicated).
14. My music taste is all over the place. But I will NEVER, EVER, IN A MILLION YEARS LISTEN TO COUNTRY. Unless it's that one Carrie Underwood song. Just the one. 
15. I support the environment very much. 
16. Being in a relationship would be really cool but it'll probably never happen so... 
17. I have a fan by my bed and I sleep on the right side of my bed, next to my medals. Whenever I try to position the fan, the wind knocks the medals against each other and makes this little clinking noise that I HATE and whenever I move it away from the medals, it moves away from my face and the blankets make me sweat, but then I take them off and I'm cold and UGHHHHHH. 
18. I love Christmas!!!!
19. And slam poetry. Although I'm definitely not talented enough to write one I actually am proud of. 
20. I love aliens. Obviously. 
Tell me more about the rest of you guys!!!! :)

21. I will only take hot showers. If it is very very sunny, I will take a cool one. Never ever cold.
22. I have Hermione Granger hair. In every sense. (In the first movie, and all of the books). A frizzy, curly, puffy, untamable mess. If you haven't read, watched, or don't like Harry Potter, think Merida from Brave. 
23. I have such a big sweet tooth.
24. I LOVE LOVE LOVE pecan pie and mac and cheese!!!! (Not together though. Ew.) 
25. Favorite authors include Rainbow Rowell, J.K. Rowling, Rick Riordan, and Lemony Snicket. 
26. I used to play guitar, but no matter how hard I tried, I always sucked at it, so I decided that I am NOT musically inclined. Although I kind of can sing. Just never loud enough. 
27. My ELA teacher recommended this site to me. Best. Site. Ever. 

Message to Readers

woop woop

Peer Review

Not really a single line since they are all so good.

I feel like i fit in more places than before.

Why would you share all that information? (just curious)

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I also LOVE Rick Riordan. I am obsessed with the Percy Jackson series.