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I’m not very active these days because I’m busy with life but I try to log on every week.

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An Open Letter To Those Who Need It

May 17, 2020


    Hey, sweetheart, it's me, Dani. You don't know me from Eve, I know. But I'd like to take just a moment of your time, if you'll let me. Maybe you're going through something right now. If not, maybe you've been through something, or you're gonna go through something. Possibly something small, or something life-changing. I don't know your journey. I just wanted to share with you a few things I've learned in the past decade or so. Lessons I've learned that may help you.
Maybe you can benefit from the things I wish I knew.
    One, be kind. Always. Even when you're sad. Especially when you're angry. This is difficult, but always strive for kindness. Often, people are going through struggles no one else knows about.
    Two, it's okay to cut people out. Sometimes your friend isn't much of a friend anymore. Maybe they never were. You are not selfish to cut someone out of your life if they are toxic. Is a fish not wise to swim away from polluted waters?
    Three, it's okay to be different. It's okay to be a free thinker or a rebel soul. We're all different somehow. Some of us hide it. Some of us embrace it. You should embrace it.
    Four, don't regret your screw-ups. I don't mean don't learn from your mistakes or anything like that. I just mean acknowledge what you did and learn from it and grow. Do not regret a mistake you made, cause at one point it was what you wanted. 
    Five, music, man. Enjoy it, bathe in it, make it. Dance and sing and do whatever puts you in a good mood. 
    Six, it's your life and no one else's. Remember that.
    Seven, remember to breathe.
    Eight, most people want to see you do well, but not better than them.
    Nine, read. A lot. Read everything. Think about it and decide what it means to you. Never take anything at face value.
    Ten, you're doing alright, sweetheart. In fact, you're doing pretty damn good. Keep your head up and always keep fighting.
    Eleven, you're gonna fall in love and fall apart. Often, the latter because of the former. Don't try to make a home out of any heart but your own, people are more often seasons than monuments. They come and go.
    Twelve, people are gonna talk, be at peace with the choices you've made.
    Thirteen, don't be afraid to ask for help. The fear of judgment will hold you back far more than you'll want. Learn to embrace yourself and admit when you're wrong. Which brings me to
    Fourteen, learn to like the taste of crow. You're gonna have to. Admitting when you're wrong and apologizing sucks, but humility can take you places.
Fifteen, it's okay if it's a phase. It's okay if it's forever. People change and grow. That applies to everything from who you like to how you identify to how you express yourself.

       Don't take it from me, though. Live and grow and you'll figure it out on your own.
            Best Regards,
                   (the universal mom-freind) Dani ❤︎

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  • Anne Blackwood

    Thank you for this! I especially appreciated fifteen. No one has ever said anything like that to me. <3

    7 months ago
  • mia_:)

    WOW! Such good advice! I would totally send this to anyone who is feeling down. This is a message that needs to be heard!

    7 months ago
  • jonae

    thank you for the kind words. i needed this.

    7 months ago