Brendan Sullivan

United States


October 19, 2015

            I live in South Boston, Massachusetts and for as long as I can remember the ocean has always been polluted. This pollution has been caused over years and years of people having no regard for the environment. Whether it was from restaurants, people, or by anything else, we have to make a change. The ocean is a sanctuary for many being during the summer in South Boston, but this pollution does not make it safe for swimmers. The life guards have all different colored flags to signal the issue with the water so they can prevent swimmers from going in and potentially getting sick. Pollution has become a huge debate topic around the world over the years and we are all making strides to make the world a better and safer place.
            When I was younger, I went to a camp right down the street from my house, which was right on the beach. Every day there were about fifty or so 10 year olds playing on the beach or in the water. The councilors would have to pick up glass and other dangerous objects on the beach before any of the kids could step foot on the sand. Even after they went through their morning routine, kids were still stepping on glass with bare feet and getting injured. This was a major problem in the eyes of parents and other people who wanted the beach to be a safer place for everyone. Another problem at the camp was that kids could only swim in the water at certain times. There were flags on the lifeguard stands that told the councilors when the kids could swim. This was also a problem because even when the flags weren’t out and kids could swim, some of them still got sick or got rashes on their body.
            Today the pollution is not nearly as bad as when I was younger and went to the L street camp. The water is not as polluted and you can almost always go swimming. There is noticeably less garbage on the beach which is a great sign. The community has made a huge improvement on the health of our environment. We need to continue to make strides to make not only my community, but the whole world a better and cleaner place.


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