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Magic Wars: Chapter Three

December 23, 2017


The man who was standing on the Golem ran up to James.

”We need to get out of its way!” He said. James followed him, and after going a few twists and turns, they stopped to catch their breath.

”How...” James said in between breaths,”Did you knocked the golem down?”

The man catched his breath,”I’m am an Earthmaster,” He exetened his arm towards James,”Bertrand Miller,” 

They shook hands,”What’s an Earth Mage doing in the Labyrinth?”

”I moved a field for a farmer,” Bertrand said, as they stared walking again,”Didn’t file the damn paperwork though, so they threw me in here. What’d you do?”

”I redirected the water flow of a canal,” James said,”It was only to put out a fire, but they declared ‘a threat to safety’”

Bertrand laughed,”Fire Patrol, huh? I worked as a landscaper, moving around dirt and such,”

”So, How did you know about the Golem?”

”I actually know the guy that created it,” Bertrand said,”His name is Daphnes, and he just...vanished.”

”What does that have to do with the Golem?”

”Tygen, that’s the Golem, went crazy when his master left,” Bertrand waved his hand in a dismissive manner,”It took the Earthlord* himself to move the Golem in here,”

”Do you know where he went?”

”I assumed he went to a mountain, lots of earth to manipulate, you know?”

They got to a wall, Bertrand looked at it.

”Is something wrong?” James asked.

”...This wall is made of pure stone,” Bertrand said.

”Uh, is this whole place not?”

”No, it’s made out of brimstone, one of the things we Earthmasters can’t manipulate,” He then grinned,”I can break through this wall,”

*Head of the Earth Mages.


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