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Magic Wars: Chapter Two

December 23, 2017


The Golem did not notice James yet, but he would eventually. There in a very large corridor, there was no way James could get away without the Golem noticing him. He couldn’t run, he was almost certain that the Golem would hear him. Then suddenly, a man walked on front of him. He wore a strange robe, with a skull on each sleeve. He also wore a purple hood, up enough for the wearer to see, but down enough for observers not to see his face. He also had a staff, with a skull tied to the top.

”You seem to be in a pickle,” The man said in voice that sounded like a machine,”That is bad for you.”

”Are you are prisonor as well?”James asked trying to be too loud.


”Then why are you here?” 

“I’m going to help you,” 

Suddenly James realized what this man was.

”...You’re a...Silencer are you?” He asked, trying to remember the term.

The man nodded,”Yes, but you more commonly call us ‘Death Mages’”

”What do you mean us? All of the Death Mages were killed!”

”Do you really belive that?”The man asked,”For every genocide, there are always a few survivors,”

Suddenly the Golem fell down, with another man standing on top of it. The hooded man just vanished  into thin air after seeing this.


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