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Edwin Goldenspike’s Railroad Mystery - Chapter One

December 22, 2017



From Vancouver to Ottawa, that was what the Goldenspike Railroad was going to do. Of course, the company head, Edwin Goldenspike was 30% sure they already did this sometime in 1896,  but it it was 1934, so it didn’t really matter to him. 

The only reason Goldenspike even agreed to make a railroad that goes from Vancouver to Ottawa was because the prime minister, R.B. Bennett, apparently wanted a way for all future prime ministers to get from the capital to the western end of the nation as swift as possible. Why the government commissioned the Goldenspike Company to do so, Edwin didn’t care, as long as he got the money. 

He was standing at the station platform, getting ready for the speech he had to do for the opening of the railroad. In fact he had just started. 

“Greeting everyone,” Edwin began,”My name is Edwin Goldenspike, and welcome to the new ‘Trans-National Railroad’!” 

The crowd clapped, just wanting to get on the train.

”Now, I don’t do speechs” Edwin said,”So here’s an ‘Abridged’ edition.”

He then pulled a piece of paper, then said,”Thank you to the builders, blah blah, pride to Canada, yeah right, thank you to our passengers, who cares.” He then crumpled the paper, and threw it away,”All right get on the train in an orderly manner.”

A old man went up to him and practically yelled,”You were so brave!”

”Erm...I beg your pardon?” Edwin asked.

The old man raised his hands, as if delivering a sermon,”This railroad will bring maple syrup all over the country!”

”What the devil does that have to with-“

”Maybe we’ll see a moose on the way?”

”....You’re an American are you?”


”Did my mother put you up to this?”

The old man was silent. Edwin grabbed him by the shoulders.

”She is basically holding you hostage, did she put you up to this?”

”Don’t awnser that Herbert,”A women said.

Edwin let go off the man, who ran off,”Mother,” He said.

“And I suppose you were the one behind this?”

”...I’m the only one named Goldenspike here!”

”I don’t understand why you go by that,”

”It is a marvelous name!”

”You got it from a typo of your name!”

”It was a wonderful typo!”

”Whatever son, I don’t care how this works out, you’ll never be successful in this,”

She then walked off. Edwin’s bodyguard, Eugene walked up to him.

”Do you want me to get rid of her” He asked in his German accent.

”No, she’ll most likely sue us,” Edwin said,”Tell Jean to get the train ready, it’s almost time to get going.”

I recently got braces, it is the most uncomfortable experience in my life.


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