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I want to call out to my best friends Emilie(Aussie23) and Hadley(BlueWriter). They are amazing people who have inspired me to do better in my life everyday. They have given a real purpose to my life and they have always been there for me. I could not be more grateful. I do not deserve the love that they give me.
Both of you have got me through the most difficult parts of my life and I am eternally thankful for that. Life can be a real struggle sometimes.
I also want to thank everyone on Write the World who has followed me, reviewed my work, and liked my work. I love you all and I would not be here right now without you. Keep up the amazing work.
Tom Hiddleston: Thank you for being Loki and making me smile every day.

Braving Life (Chapter Nineteen)

December 31, 2017


    I stiffened. That voice hadn't been mine. I lifted the dagger and turned. Jesse sprung up beside me. There was a man, dressed in all black. I could not see his face. "Who are you?" I questioned. I felt Jesse slip my real dagger into my fingers. I tightened my grip on it. "Spear?" I breathed.
    "On it." Jesse was very clever at concealing himself from the enemy. He could shroud weapons up to the point where he started using them. The instant I would use my spear or dagger against the man, he would see them. I threw my fake dagger across the room and stealthily stuck my real one into it's sheath. I felt the spear enter my other hand and I stayed very still to be as safe as possible. There were no bombs in the room but I saw Jesse stick his real sword away.
    "I am Crossfire," the man's voice slithered. "I was once part of the PACK and I walked away from Raska and his vicious army. Tell me, will you join my group?"
    "No," I answered with as much authority as I could.
    "Then I will have to kill you. You cannot walk away unscathed and remembering me today. Are you prepared to lose?"   
    I smirked. "I like to say, are you prepared for me to win?" I smiled at Jesse who grinned back.
    Crossfire's eyes narrowed.
    "It's okay," Jesse laughed. "She's a bit sassy. Look out for her bite though. It hurts like hell."
    I lightly spun my spear and Crossfire suddenly saw it. His eyes widened. "How?" he whispered.
    "We're one hell of a team." Jesse winked and pulled his sword out and Crossfire's eyes bulged. Jesse grinned. "Are you sure you don't want to back out of this fight yet?"
    "I will never bow to you!"
    "We don't ask you to." Jesse shrugged. "Just fight well and my day will be all cool."
    Crossfire pulled out his sword. "Do you think we should use our powers?" I asked Jesse.
    "Eh. He doesn't look too hard. But if you want to... feel free, my Death Star." Crossfire growled deep in his throat. "Tell me sir," Jesse replied, "are you part dragon?"
    "No," Crossfire murmured. "Do I look part dragon?"
    Jesse tilted his head. "Yes," he determined. I suddenly liked Jesse very much. I hated when he was against me but he was really a master some days. He could make anyone angry and yet be shockingly hilarious while doing that. It was really fascinating.
    "You shall pay for these insults," Crossfire hissed. "With the utmost torture I can muster."
    "What, by talking to us?" Jesse asked. "Cos, your voice is really quite annoying to be brutally honest."
    "I hate you."
    "Everyone does." Jesse smiled charmingly at Crossfire. "It is my point in life for everyone to hate me. That way, when I do something moderately good, people are shocked."
    Crossfire paused. "You are a clever young man."
    "The cleverest."
    "A bit infuriating, if I might say so myself."
    "Of course, my dear man."
    "How do you work with him?" Crossfire snapped at me.
    I opened up my arms. "Search me."
    He gave me a questioning look.
    I cleared my throat. "No idea."
    Crossfire nodded slowly. "Okay. You should be easy to tear at the seams. Easy to make each other fight. You're not very friendly - "
    "You know we can hear you, right?" Jesse pointed out. "You're kind of annoying, really."
    Crossfire examined us. He snapped  his fingers. There were little sparks coming out of his finger tips. "Jesse, we have to run," I whispered. "I've read about this. It's a portal thing. If you get sucked in - " We were suddenly surrounded in black. I hit the cold cobbles hard. Crossfire stood over us, laughing. I suddenly realized that my dagger was blurry. Jesse was shrouding it, I was sure.   
    An arm wrapped around my waist and arms to stop me from moving. "Don't use it," Jesse breathed in my ear. I noticed that Jesse's arm was blurred. Could he conceal himself? "Don't mention me, even my name. He might remember me."
    "Okay," I tried to say in a casual tone without attracting suspicion. "You just sucked me somewhere."
    "Wasn't somebody with you?" Crossfire wondered.
    I tipped my head. Jesse hadn't let go of me yet. "Doesn't look like it. Just let me go," I begged, both to Crossfire and Jesse.
    "Sorry," they said in unison but in very different tones. "No," Crossfire continued. "I'm afraid I cannot. I said you were stuck with me. And now, I will take you to the Grand Master."
    Jesse gripped my elbow and helped me up. "I'm going to go explore."
    "Have fun."
    "Have fun with what?" Crossfire snapped.
    "Me. I'm a bit of a bitch."


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