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Stereotypical High School?

October 15, 2015

PROMPT: The Unknown

     I don't know a lot of things. I don't know what it's like to have a little brother, or to meet a famous person, or how to live without books. Sadly, I don't even know what high school is like. So I'll just imagine.

     I walked down the fluorescent lit hallway. Bright red lockers lined the walls. Not a teacher to be seen. The students had a well controlled traffic system, though it was overly crowded.  One side went north and the other side went south. I looked around. A guy had a girl pushed against a locker. It looked as if she was enjoying it so I looked away quickly. 

    A boy lugging more than his load of AP class textbooks was tripped by a group of boys and Letterman jackets. A sweet girl helped pick up his books and left with a smile on her face. The girl's smile disappeared as she threw herself back against the lockers. A group of short skirt, crop top wearing girls walked is if they own the hallway. The boys jaws all dropped. Except for one.

      He wore black Ray-Ban's. They matched his black leather jacket, white shirt, and if possible, darker than black skinny jeans. Nice clean Converse accented his feet.  His radians shaded his expression but everyone we couldn't care less about the brats dominating the hallway. He was staring at me...

His POV- She held an AP Calculus textbook but wore a red/black flannel with black skinny jeans. She had old dingy Converse and her brown eyes were wide as she observed her surroundings. She was a sight of perfection with her band merch. Her brown hair glimmered with her rainbow highlights and before I could stop myself I was in front of her, the girl without stereotype.

My POV- He was walking towards me. His eyes got clearer as he moved closer. He looked nervous, for a second. His charm came back online and he grabbed my stuff. He pulled me by the hand, taking a glance at my schedule. We were off to my first class. I couldn't help but stare at his black hair as it gave way to the breeze. His green eyes echoed in my head. The nervousness had made the even more beautifully haunting. A stereotypical boy in a stereotypical school with a stereotypical future girlfriend? But stereotypes must have come from somewhere. So far I'm thinking it's called High School and I'm not going to just another stereotype. I'm will not be assumed as someone when I am me. I'll be the stereotypical me, then.

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