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All too Far (Chapter 4)

January 18, 2018


    "Hanna" Brittney scream. She crashes into my body with her arms wrapped protectively around me. 
    "Brittney?" I say, my confusion is promenade in my voice and she cocks her head side ways.
    "What?" Her voice cracks. 
    "It's... You! What are you doing here?"  I yell, to flustered to care who hears me.
    "I don't know? People broke into my house a few days ago, that's why I called you, they tied me up then carried me out of my apartment. When I woke up, you were in here and I was unrestrained." Her shoulders vibrate "I thought I was going to die, Hanna". I stumble back, Astonished that a man like Boris Jones wants me to be his personal secretary. I mean sure I make a pretty good lawyer, okay I'm an excellent lawyer, I don't need to be modest about that. I won all my cases since I started of 3 years ago. I started in a small family owned law firm. It's actually Brittney's family, which is why I scored the job. After the first year, bigger, better firms started to notice my great debating skills and professional attitude because that summer I must of received like 15 letters encouraging me to join their firms. I choose a smaller firm in the heart of the city. It was close to everything and worked on some of the bigger cases. I thought a lot about going back to Brittney's family's firm but, i could never leave. The case where intricate and interesting. It was like being in any kind of crime TV show everyday at work. Can I really leave that all behind to join this crazy big company? 
    "Earth to Hanna! What did they do to you?" Brittney breaks my train of thought.
    "Nothing, they offered me a job" I reply still wide-eyed and stunned.
    "What? what position?" She questions.
    "Boris Jones's personal secretary" I answers.
    "Boris Jones? Honey, you have to take this job. Do you know how much money he has?" she inquires.
    "I know how much money he has, Brittney" I respond rolling my eyes. Who doesn't know how much money he has.
    "Then whats keeping you from taking the job?" She demands.
    "I don't know. The experience was kinda strange" I responds.
    "What do you mean? What Happened?" She shrieks   
    "Well, As you saw I was completely restrained..." Hanna tells Brittney the whole story leaving out the part were they touch chests, that was just wired but, It felt so right. 

    "OMG, you have to take this job, do you know what this could mean." Brittney exploded in my face when I finished recalling the past events. 
    "I don't think I want to know" I say.
    "Oh, I'm telling you, This could mean wealth, lots and lots of money" Brittney returned.
    "I don't think love always comes at that price, Oh God did I just say that out loud?" I blurt out. I glance up to look for and cameras I really hope no one else heard that.
    "Yes you did, It sounds like someone has a crush on there future boss" Brittney taunts.
    "shut up, and I didn't say I was going to take the job." I hush Brittney before she can do anything.
    "Well you should at least read the contract Boris gave to you." Brittney mutters while my hand is clamped tight around her mouth. 
    "I'll think about it." I say worried that Boris watched that whole conversation. Oh, I really hope he didn't.
Sorry I haven't posted in forever I have been super busy!


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  • CreativeAngel

    Beautifuly amazing

    almost 3 years ago
  • camlily

    YAAYAYAY!!!! It all makes sense now :) This is sooo good Im so happy you finished the chapter!!!!!

    almost 3 years ago