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Abandoned Child

October 21, 2015

The Abandoned Child
By Khalil Walker-Eldridge
The world is in pain like that kid who is made fun of in his elementary school every day for being “poor.” His teachers notice there is a problem.
They say a lot but do not do much.
His cry for help is unheard like rainforest animals without a habitat.
They are both homeless. Help does not exist.
Their faces read, “Who will care for me?”
The child has no foundation.
His foundation has been destroyed like the trees of the Amazon that have been chopped down so that casinos can be built for our own selfish greed.
The child’s clothes are tattered and beaten up.
His jeans ripped, his shirt filled with stains.
He is treated like garbage.
He feels as though he does not belong.
He feels as though he has been dumped in the world like the trash that occupies that shores of many of our nation’s beaches.
His face reads, “Who is going to clean me up?” like the beach that can no longer provide a habitat for its animals.
There cry for help is recognized but ignored.
The boy does not know the last time he has had a legitimate meal. He is one of many children starving around the world and suffering from malnutrition.
His face reads, “Who will feed me?”, like the birds near the Gulf who can no longer eat the fish who have been poisoned with oil.
Both the animals and the boy scurry in search of something to eat.
He is alone.
Alone like the polar bear stuck on the island of ice as he watches is habitat diminish.
His cry for help is unheard.
The polar bear watches his family float away like the child whose parents abandoned him.
The child seeks change.
The world seeks change.
Many people see the child and blame his parents for the way he looks.
Many people ignore him.
Many people see there is an issue.
But who helps?
No one.
There are many different problems affecting the Earth and its environments and change is imminent.
Without change, the world has no future like a child that is left on its own.


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