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All too Far (Chapter Three)

December 20, 2017


    "Whats your name again?" He breathes in my face. The tension in the air some how rises. I don't know what he wants with me but, I really don't want to die so I respond.
    "Hanna," I sigh.
    "Hanna who?" he pushes.
    "Hanna Archibald" I step back realizing I still don' t know this man. I mean ya, I know he owns the in the biggest company in the whole technology industry. Not to mention, he is the richest man in america. But, that is pretty much it. I bet I could find out more if I watched the news but, I was never really a big on watching the news. 
    Boris steps forward pressing his chest back into mine. I take a deep breath at his action. "Well Hanna Archibald, I have a job opening." He announced. 
    "What's the job?" I answer.
    "My personal secretary," He grins. 
    "I am a lawyer, why would I be your assistant?" I reply perplexed. What the hell? Who in their sane minds would abduct a person then put them through what I had to go for to offer them a job? Someone desperate that's who. 
    "I'll give you the contract. Read it over and think about. I will have you brought back here tomorrow to talk about it." He reaches to his desk and pulls out a thick packet. He steps back and hands it to me. 
    "Give me 2 days to read this," I reply. He then picks up his phone, whispers something into it and looks at me. He crosses to the other side of the room where the handcuffs and bandannas are. He picks them up and returns to me. 
    "This is a mere security measure, so no one who doesn't work here can know about what we are inventing." He smiles then clips the handcuffs, so my hand a secure behind my back. I make the mistake of struggling and he tightens the cuffs. He then gags me before I have a chance to respond. Then he walks to face me and pops the earmuffs on my ears. They are different from the first time. They are more expensive and they have an outstanding noise canceling ability. He leaves the blindfold for last. Boris looks into my eyes, my sorrow, my discontent. He reads me and all my feelings. He then walks behind me again and the thick fabric of the bandanna touches my face. He secures it tightly. I can't even open my eyes.
     He then reaches his hand to my lower back and leads me. I assume he leads me to a door because he pauses a minute. Then he continues out the door and stops. His had leaves my back and is replaced by a barrel. The same gruff voice as before commands a harsh Move and without any hesitating I move. When we finally stop the man starts to release me but says on my backside not letting me see my face. He leaves only the blindfold on. Then he starts to tie rope around my hands, keeping them securely behind my back. Then I hear a sharp bang of a door. Small fingers then touch my fingers. The hands work at the ropes untying them. Once my hands are free I reach to my blindfold and tear it off. So relived to be free I almost forget about the small hands that so faithfully freed me. I look Behind me.


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    I need chapter fouurrrrrrrr.........................

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    Oh, when oh when will the next one be out???!!!!

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