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You get What you Give

October 19, 2015

Thomas Flaherty

     As humans to our society we wake up, eat breakfast, go to work, come home and repeat this process until we unfold a new chapter in our lives that is thrown at us. We go throughout our days not thinking about how we are here today and how our environment plays a key role in keeping us here to enjoy the wonders it has to offer us. For Millions of years our environment has evolved around mankind, we make what we want out of our environment, whether it be taking down woods or forests to put in a new shopping plaza we always wanted in our community. No matter what it may be, humans are selfish and don’t put our environment needs ahead of hours, and by doing this we fall into dangerous categories such as global warming that is being caused by us. We affect our environment dangerously by taking what we need from it and not being wise enough and return it. What I mean is, we take down our trees that give us life and oxygen, but we don’t replace them, its as easy as planting a seed, pretty soon there won’t be any trees, in the end we will suffocate from our selfish behaviors, literally. My environment affects me simply by providing the everyday needs for me such as oxygen and the other everyday necessities such as: food, water, medicine, and materials for shelter. In general it is us who are being impacted by our care free actions, we don’t realize the efforts our environment does for us such as providing fresh waters to swim and eat from, physically pollinating our plants and trees to grow for us to use, and also a big one we tend to ignore pest control. The environment works as a pest control manager by simply providing our world with certain predators who maintain wildlife population to prevent those preys from overfeeding in our environment. In the end it is us who are impacted because we don’t realize the efforts put forward by our environment and don’t put any effort back into keeping the magical works going strong. An example to live by in order to give back to your environment is think of it like it’s your mother. Now, I say this because no one wants to disrespect their mother, they want to do everything in their will to make their mothers proud, happy, healthy and safe. So why don’t we just treat our environment the same way and everything we take we just make sure we have returned what we have taken.


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