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Think. Why would Jesse's name have everything wrong with it?

Braving Life (Chapter Sixteen)

December 20, 2017


    "I'm sick of him," I spat. I saw the look and Raska's face and immediately corrected myself. "I don't want him back in prison. He has been good to me and he's really trying. He's earned the respect of many. It's just, he follows me every where and he's so overly obsessed about going back into prison. I don't know if he thinks he's funny or what but it's really infuriating." Raska had not said anything so I continued to speak. "I sometimes think that he just wants me to throw him back in prison. Like that day you caught us arguing, he was talking about prison. He seems to think that I'll just throw him in prison for anything and everything and it's so stupid." I paused and glanced at Raska's face. "Are you just going to sit there and nod like some tongue tied idiot? Because you're really making me mad right now?" He remained silent. "Can you just say something? Please?" Raska frowned slightly. "Or not," I mumbled wondering if he'd cut his tongue out over night or something. It was getting really awkward. "Is there any chance you could give Jesse more freedom or liberty or anything? Or could you talk? I AM GETTING REALLY ANGRY RIGHT NOW RASKA SO PLEASE START SPEAKING TO ME LIKE A POLITE HUMAN BEING!!!" I suddenly stopped talking. I had been planning quite a few less than polite things to say to him but I halted in my tracks. "Raska... you would never treat me like this would you? So, the point is, you must not be Raska." The figure stood up. "Are you a hologram? A mere projectile? And image but the real body is not here? You must have a body camera on you and you will, no doubt try and use the things that I have told you to your advantage. If you can hear me right now, I would like you Ruiners to know that you have ruined my life and I hope it all backfires on you and you get ruined and one day you will have to bow to me!" I walked up to the figure which tried to move away. "Don't you dare talk a step back or I will do something that you very much don't want," I threatened. The figure took a step back. I took a swipe at the figure's face. My hand went right through it and it vaporized. I caught the body camera in mid air and held it in my hand. "Big ugly fat jerks," I whispered into it before smashing it underneath my foot. I took a step back and watched it burn on the floor. I shook my head in disgust. If I was lucky, that information would never see the light of day. If I was not lucky, I hadn't said anything very important. Unless, of course, they had some form of contact with Jesse. Which was near impossible since he was guarded day and night with the utmost security. I took a deep breath before stepping out of the room. I marched down the hall bearing the curious looks that my fellows were giving me.
    "Jeannie, are you okay?" Jesse asked, suddenly appearing in front of me. "You seem a little upset."
    "Have you, in any way at all, contacted the Ruiners?" I asked, gasping."
    "Of course not. I'm not a traitor. I mean, I am but I'm not planning on betraying anybody again." Jesse's eyebrows were furrowed deeply. "Do need help? I know where Raska is. I was just talking to him. Would you like me to bring you - "
    "Yes, please do, Jesse. I need him right now." Jesse's look was inquisitive but he knew better than to say anything. "He remained silent as I followed him to the area the he claimed Raska was. It suddenly came to mind that this could be a trick. I kept my magic prepared, just in case.
    Raska was were Jesse said he was and he did not look surprised to see me. "They found a way through our defences didn't they?" he guessed.
    "Yes, sir."
    "A hologram of you, sir."
    "Could it talk?"
    "It would not."
    "It was not solid then?"
    Jesse carefully raised his hand. "Sir, if I might?"
    "Yes, go on Jesse."
    "They have been doing this for years. This is nothing new for them, you've just realized it. I was part of the group that shaped and perfected these holograms. They did not have the ability to talk and if they were touched, they disappeared. They have body cameras and a few have been known to shoot some of your members. Sir." Jesse awkwardly looked down.
    "So that's how those soldiers mysteriously died," Raksa mused. "Thank you Jesse. Do you know how to stop these things and how to identify them?"
    "Give everyone a secret number. Ask everyone what their number is. The hologram can not talk and it doesn't have brains so if they learn how to talk through it, they will never know the numbers," Jesse suggested loyally.
    "Thank you," Raska replied. "Death Star, Jesse, we need to work on this. Jesse, we need to get you a name."
    "What's wrong with Jesse?"


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  • Kaitlyn ❄

    I will. I'm really having fun with this novel! Good guess but not quite! It was really a dumb question to be honest. I'm just messing with people.

    over 2 years ago
  • AbigailSauble

    It's a girl's name spelled wrong? I have no idea. :P
    Intriguing! Please keep going!

    over 2 years ago