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The Earth- My Home, Your Home

October 20, 2015

    When I first open my eyes in the morning, I see my pillow. I sit up on my bed, with the cotton sheets. I put on clothing, I eat. Already, the simple luxuries are provided from nature. From the soft, clean cotton sheets on my bed, the food I put into my belly, the clothing I drape over myself, the furniture I sit on, and so much more. Mother Nature has provided with so much, isn't it time we thank her back? 
    Everyday, we hear about global warning, water shortages, landfills, yet we never truly work to end it. We may take shorter showers, recycle more, but are we truly helping the enviroment? Is what we're doing right now enough? 
    Nature has given us so much, but we just stab it in the back. We build larger factories, more oil mines, increase gas usage, kill her lush forests, pollute the sky, and keep all the heat trapped up. We are like an infection, spreading throughout. 
    We adorn our houses with furniture, and clean daily. We clean our houses because we know it's good for us. A clean house promotes healthier lungs and a cleaner, sharper mind. How can we keep our houses clean if the planet that we live on isn't even clean?
    Where I live, the grass is green (thanks to the chemicals in artificial fertilizer), water is abundent, and accidently throwing paper into the trash is no big deal. We think that the earth is clean, but it's dirtier then ever. We live with almost 7.125 billion other people. We all share the same roof, so doesn't it make sense that we should all pitch in? Massive black oil spills stains our pristine blue carpets, smoke drifts upwards and makes the air that we breathe dirty. Our other fellow neighbors, bears, fish, birds, etc., are suffering because of us. We are the evil neighbors, the villan of the neighborhood. 
   When you visit a national park, such as Glacier National Park in Montana and the Canadian province Alberta, you are struck with the massive beauty of clear blue rivers, tall mountains, and lush forests. But then you travel to crowded cities- there, you are struck with the beauty of skyscrapers, only to be pushed alond by a crown. When you look on the streetsm all you hear is the lound honkings of cars. When you breathe, your inhaling all the pollution in the air. It's quite different than how it was when only native americans were around. We need to take care of our home, and protect it. 
    This is our home, one that is irreplacable. Our home already has everything we need: water, oxgen, and vegetation. We've utilized these features to our best extent, but perhaps we went to far. It went from chopping down a few trees for a log cabin to slashing down an rainforest. Earth is our pearl, we are tasked with the job everyday to protect it, and make sure its clean and untainted. However, the pearl would be cloudy and gray. 
    As our home, we should protect the Earth, and not destroy it slowly. We should try to erase our mistakes, and never make them again. We must stop the hour long shower, excessive waste, and polluting the air with our cars. We have all contributed to this world crisis. Because it's not just us in America that global warning will affect: it will affect all of us in every country, every single crevice of this beautiful planet. 


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