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I am 14 years old and in 9th grade. I have a passion for writing, photography and volleyball.

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All too Far (Chapter Two)

December 19, 2017


    My eyes flutter open. I abruptly sit up and look around. I jump at the sight of movement on the other side of the room. I scream at the top of my lungs. I mean it was my first instinct. 
    "Come with me" A voice booms behind me. I swivel on my heels, but I am not fast enough. Before I can fully turn to see where the voice came from someone clamped their hands around my hands. My hands are unmoving and behind my back, great! Their hands are big, probably belonging to a man. They are also dry. dry like sand paper. I then realize the softness to then almost like he is wearing gloves. He forcefully pushes me out of the room and into a hall way of sorts. One of his hands leaves mine momentarily to close the door but, his iron grip is to hard for me to break free of. A metal handcuff is clip onto my left hand and then my right in a swift moment. The man then blindfolds and gags me. I can feel the barrel of a gun on the back of my head. A sharp shudder goes down my spine. The hairs on the back of my neck are up and alert.
    I can feel the presence of someone next to my left ear. I can feel a breath on my neck. The same booming voice as before breaths a harsh "Move!" in my right ear. I stand there a moment stunned. What is even happening. My confusion does not transfer to the man and he forces a harsh push to my back forcing me to stumble. The gun isn't on my head anymore but, I know it can't be far behind. I regain my balance and start blindly moving forward. I feel the gun hit the back of my head again but, I don' t stop moving. I move with the man trailing behind me for at least ten minutes. The sudden boom of the man's voice ordering me to stop is enough to make me jump. I hear the hydraulic noise of an air powered door. Another push in the back make me stubble over my feet. I fall to the ground. The iron grip of the man grasps my arm and forcefully pulls me to my feet. I stare at the ground as a stumble over myself. I continue to walk but, theirs a tension in the air that wasn't there before. plus, the fact that the air is getting stuffy and dry and I can feel the stiffness in my noise now. I hesitantly take my steps, unable to talk, see hear or steady myself enough to actually walk like a human.
    "Hello" A voice, different from the one who walked with me, announced. I realize my ears have been removed from the burden of the muffs. i shoot my head up to see who is talking to me. No luck there, I still have the blindfold on and I can't just respond because I also have the gag on. The sound of footsteps fill the room. I can feel the sound of someone passing me then, the gag becomes lose. 
    "Hello" I breath when the gag is fully off. 
    "I'm glad you have finally woken up." The same man who said hello to me responds.
    "How long have I been asleep?" I question.
    "3 days" He yawns.
    "Who are you" I ask. I hear foot steps. A hand then grasps the back of my head.
    "See for yourself" He asserts. The blind fold falls and I turn on my feet to see no other then, Boris Jones, The richest man in the upper-east side. I blink due to the unfathomable amount of shock in my brain. I mean what the hell does he want with me. Sure I am one of the best lawyers in the upper-east side but, surely with the amount money he has he can hire a much more experienced not to mention skilled lawyer than me. I furrow my brow am he reaches his hand to my face and maneuvers his fingers to straighten my brow.
    "What do you need me for?" I advance on him pressing my chest to his.  


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  • CreativeAngel

    So many quick changes this is sooooooooo good!

    almost 3 years ago
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    ARGGGGGG this is too good!!!!! LOL

    almost 3 years ago
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    almost 3 years ago
  • camlily

    Ahhhh stop these cliffhangers!!!!

    almost 3 years ago