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Procrastination Man: Chapter Three

December 17, 2017


Spear Knight took Jimmy to a eight-seven story building. Of course, Jimmy had no clue what it was for.

As if reading his mind, Spear Knight said,"The is SHLMA Headquarters." 

"SHLMA?" Jimmy asked.

"Superhero Licensing and Management Agency," Spear Knight said," They hire heroes to protect the world."

"And by the world, you mean the U.S.?"

Spear Knight looked offened by this."And Canada," He said.

They walked into the building, and went into an elevator, going to the fourty-third floor. A total of fifteen people were sitting at an office table.

"Uh, Spear Knight," One of them said,"Who's that?"

"This is...uh" 

"Jimmy," Jimmy said

"This is Jimmy,", Spear Knight said, looking a little guilty for not asking for Jimmy's name.

"And you brought him....why?" The man said.

"Because I think he should be a superhero,"

There were murmurs at this, then Jimmy realized these people actually did the licensing of superheroes. 

"And why do you think he deserves this honor?" The person at the head of the table said.

"Because, he defeated a villain," Spear Knight said,"A villain I couldn't defeat." 

"And this wouldn't happen to be General Nuisance?" The Man said,"The one who stole that tank?" 

"Jimmy here flipped the tank over," 

The Man thought about this, then said,"I will need proof," 

Spear Knight nodded,"Of course. In that case, look at the footage for Traffic Camera #345."

One of the License Workers typed in a laptop, then a screen blinked open on the wall of the room, showing what Jimmy did to the tank. The License Workers seemed to approve.

"Well have to do a background check," The Man said,"Then we'll see what category he falls into. Other than that, Jimmy, you can consider yourself a superhero.


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