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Procrastination Man: Chapter Two

December 17, 2017


Jimmy, now with his paper sorted out, left the bank to go grocery shopping. It was on this path he ran into something large and metal. He took a step back and realized what it was. It was a tank. 

There was a man in said tank, with an army helmet, what he planned to do with this tank he somehow got, Jimmy didn't know.

"Uh, hello," Jimmy said.

The Solider Man looked confused then looked down,"Oh! Hello there!" 

"....Whatcha doin'?" Jimmy asked.

"Oh, just gonna destory City Hall with this tank," 

"Okay..." Jimmy said, then thought about what Solider Man had said," Hey, wait, you can't do that!"

"No ones stopping me!" Solider Mans said,"I already defeated a superhero, so I'm basically invincible!"

"Superhero?" Jimmy said. He looked around, and saw a guy holding a spear laying on the ground.

"Hey, are you okay?" Jimmy asked the superhero.

"Uh, actually, I'm fine," The superhero tried to get up, then fell back down.

"All right, so I'm not," 

Then, Jimmy heard an engine starting. He turned and saw the tank was moving towards him. 

"Well," Solider Man said,'Unless you wanna end so like that guy, move out of the-"

Jimmy simply went up to the tank, and grabbed the front, and flipped the tank over. 

The man with the spear was flabbergasted.

"Did...did that just happen?" He said.

"Yeah," Jimmy said,"You okay...uh..."

"Spear Knight," Spear Knight said," I probably lost because my armor is being repaired, but what about you?"

"....What about me?" Jimmy said.

"You just flipped a tank!" Spear Kngiht yelled," Why are you not a superhero?"

"...I never thought about it," Jimmy said," What do you have to do to be a superhero," 

Spear Knight smilied,"Let me take you somewhere."


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