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I've been writing short stories and poems independently for a while now. In fact, whenever I get the chance, I work on my short stories, for which I use the word "short" VERY loosely. I'm looking forward to seeing your opinions!

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Part 10!!! This one's a little longer than usual, so be warned. If it looks like there's a lot on the scroll bar on the side, just know that I did NOT do a scroll troll this time!

Ender (10)

December 17, 2017


[WARNING!!!: The following story is the tenth installment of this story. If you have not read the previous nine installments (where have YOU been), I insist that you must read those nine installments before you read this one. A lot of dramatic events have occurred.] 
[OTHER WARNING!!!: This installment contains scenes that involve emotion. You know what I would say about this, so I won't bother this time. If you haven't stopped reading by now, then clearly none of this is a problem for you.] 

    It was already night before he got there. But when he got there, he couldn't believe what he saw. The village was a wreck, the walls and dome were destroyed, and all of the Endermen were gone! The only evidence was that there were ender pearls and arrows everywhere. Of course, he felt morally obligated to gather the ender pearls up. 
    That was when the truth hit him: the village had been attacked while he was gone! Quickly, he ran to the armory, which was also ruined. None of the materials were taken, and nothing else seemed to be missing. (Well, other than most of the walls and ceilings, of course. And all the Endermen.) 
    Then, out of the corner of his eye, Ender saw movement. Someone else was there. 
    Ender took out his helmet, put it on, and looked around, staying very alert. 
    Whoever it is, Ender thought, they might have some answers. 
    Suddenly, an arrow whizzed right past Ender's head! Ender spun around, then another one whizzed past his head! After that, there was a third one, but this one, Ender caught! In midair! With his hand! 
    It's a good thing he caught it, too, because it was a tipped arrow, tipped with a Potion of Harming. 
    Soon, he heard two bows being drawn back, so he jumped in the air right as both bows released, harmlessly hitting some walls. 
    Thanks to that, Ender knew exactly where his attackers were. So, in a single swift movement, he grabbed both of his attackers from their hiding spots, disarmed them, and threw them to the ground, keeping them there with his swords. 
    Ender took this time to take a good look at his attackers. One was a boy, the other was a girl, and both of them looked a little younger than Ender. The boy had green eyes, and the girl had blue eyes. The boy had blond hair, the girl had red hair, both of them had glasses, and both of them had scorch marks on their faces, obviously from being not quite far enough from some TNT. 
    Nobody spoke for a while, though it was clear that these two archers had a LOT they wanted to say. 
    Finally, the boy broke the silence. 
    "Um, hello!" he said nervously, with an obvious British accent. "Lovely night, isn't it?" 
    Then, the girl, who also had a British accent, added, "Sorry about the arrows. We didn't think anyone would be here, given the condition it's in." 
    Ender remained silent, staring at these two strangers. 
    "You don't talk much, do you?" the boy asked. 
    Ender continued to stare in silence. 
    "Okay, could you please stop staring?" the boy said. "It's very unsettling!" 
    Still, Ender stared at them. 
    "Wait," the girl said, "did you live here?" 
    Ender nodded, remembering how great the place used to be. 
    "Oh, I'm sorry," said the girl. "We had no idea there was anyone left." 
    "Yeah, because this place looks wrecked!" the boy added. 
    Ender was still staring at the two of them, when he realized something: they clearly weren't the ones who destroyed Ennd. So, he stepped back, put his Sword of Smite away, and gestured for them to stand up, which they did cautiously. 
    Then, Ender took off his helmet, putting it away. 
    "Whoa!" the boy said. "That's actually your eye color? That looks pretty cool!" 
    Ender still said nothing, not showing any emotion on his face. 
    The boy held out his hand, which Ender then shook. 
    "I'm Elliot," the boy said, "and this is my twin sister, Natalie." 
    "But you can call me Nat," the girl added. "Most people do. Or did, at least." 
    Ender tilted his head in confusion. 
    "I'd rather not talk about it," she said when she noticed Ender's look. 
    "What's your name?" Elliot asked. 
    Since Ender was used to not speaking, he gestured to where he had carved his name into his sword. 
    "'Ender'," said Elliot as he read it. "Interesting name. Fitting." 
    "So, Ender," said Nat, "I don't suppose you know how this happened, do you?" 
    Ender shook his head. 
    "Probably the work of a bunch of griefers," said Elliot. 
    Once again, Ender tilted his head in confusion. 
    "You know, griefers? People who cause chaos and destruction just because they can?" 
    That made Ender immediately think of Herobrine. Ender then started getting depressed, remembering Chief. 
    Ender quickly started running towards Chief's grave, with Elliot and Nat following him in confusion. 
    When they arrived, Ender was both relieved and sad to see Chief's grave; relieved to see that it was still intact, but sad because of the sad memory it brought to mind. 
    "Whoa, is this some kind of Enderman grave?" Elliot said, clearly not noticing that Ender was upset. "That's weird. Why would an Enderman be buried like it was a person?" 
    "Elliot! Shush!" Nat said, clearly noticing that Ender was upset. "Can't you see that he's going through something?" 
    Elliot dropped his head in shame. 
    "I'm sorry about him, Ender," said Nat. "He can be a little, um, insensitive at times." 
    She looked at the grave, then noticed the headpiece resting on the tombstone. 
    "Hey, is that the same one as in that picture?" Nat asked. 
    Ender nodded, staring at the grave. 
    "I feel like I've seen it somewhere else recently," said Elliot. 
    Ender took out his helmet, gesturing to it. 
    "Oh, THAT'S where I saw it! I knew it looked familiar!" 
    "Elliot! Shush!" Nat said again. 
    Elliot then dropped his head in shame again. 
    "Sorry about him, again," said Nat. "He just doesn't know when to stop." 
    Then, Nat noticed the word written on the grave. 
    "'Chief'," she read. "Was that his name?" 
    Ender nodded sadly, putting his helmet away. 
    "Were you two close?" Nat asked. 
    Ender dropped his head in sorrow, remembering all the years he had spent with Chief. 
    "Wait a minute," said Elliot, looking around him. "Was this place some kind of Enderman village?" 
    Ender nodded. 
    "Wow. Did you build all of it?" 
    Ender nodded again. 
    "Amazing," said Elliot as he walked around, observing everything. "Judging by what's remaining, it looks like there was once a glass dome over the entire place. That must have taken some real building skill. And a LOT of sand!" 
    Ender smiled, glad to see that Elliot was enjoying himself. 
    "This place must have looked beautiful once," said Nat, seeming kind of sad. "Full of life, nothing going wrong." 
    She sighed. 
    "Just like our village," she said, tears forming in her eyes. 
    Elliot went to her and put his hand on her shoulder to comfort her. 
    Then, Nat looked at Ender. 
    "A few years ago," she said, "our village was attacked and destroyed. Elliot and I barely made it out alive." 
    "Yeah," Elliot said angrily. "And it's all because of that ghost-eyed griefer, Herobrine!" 
    Ender felt his chest tighten when he heard that name. It actually made him flinch AND gave him a chill! 
    Nat seemed to notice this, because she looked at Ender again. 
    "Have you met him?" Nat asked. 
    Ender looked back at Chief's grave, remembering once again what Herobrine did. And what he did to Herobrine. 
    Nat followed Ender's gaze and realized what had happened. 
    "Oh, I'm so sorry," she said. "I had no idea." 
    Ender remembered everything that had happened that day, and everything that followed. He remembered how he had watched the light leave Herobrine's eyes, how Steve felt afterwards, and how he, Steve, and Alex had buried Herobrine's body. 
    Then he remembered the bottle. Herobrine's soul. The pickaxe. All of the things that he did to keep Herobrine from returning. They deserve to know about it. Ender decided he would show them. 
    Then he stopped. He remembered how Steve said that Herobrine was once a great person. He remembered the words on Herobrine's grave. If he told Elliot and Nat about Herobrine's grave, they might not understand. 
    Then again, maybe they would. 
    Nat noticed that Ender was thinking about something. 
    "Something on your mind, Ender?" Nat said. 
    Ender made a decision. They deserved to know. 
    "Steve," Ender struggled to say, still not quite used to talking. 
    "Whoa," said Elliot, "your voice sounds kind of odd." 
    "Elliot!-" Nat started to say. 
    "I know, I know," Elliot interrupted. "'Elliot! Shush!'" 
    "I don't... Usually... Talk..." Ender continued, "but I want... To tell you... Something... Important." 
    "What is it?" Nat asked, quite curious. 
    "Steve... Helped me..." 
    "Steve?" Elliot said. "As in THE Steve?" 
    Ender nodded. 
    "Steve... Named me... Fifteen years ago... Five years ago... Herobrine... Attacked... And almost... Killed me... Then Chief... Saved me... And Herobrine... Killed Chief... A pickaxe... To the heart... 
    "Steve... Trained me... For five years... To defeat Herobrine... And last night... I did it... I killed, Herobrine." 
    Then, Ender stopped for a few minutes to rest his voice. He had never said so much at once before. 
    "Whoa," said Elliot, "that's amaz-" 
    "I'm not done," Ender continued, his voice starting to crack a little from the strain. "Steve and... Herobrine... They were brothers... We buried... Herobrine's... Body... This afternoon." 
    He stopped again to rest his voice. This was really taking a toll on his throat. After a little while, he continued. 
    "Herobrine was... A good person... Once... Before a... Mine shaft... Collapsed on him... 
    "Steve remembered... The good... In Herobrine... Steve wanted... To bury his brother... I respected... His wishes... Herobrine can't... Hurt you... Again." 
    "Wait, so you defeated Herobrine?" Nat said, a little shocked. 
    Ender nodded, seeing the shock in their faces. 
    Then, Ender had something else to say. 
    "Herobrine... Didn't destroy... This place... It happened... When he was... In another village... Where I killed him." 
    "So that means there's either a group of griefers or one really strong griefer running amok," said Nat, "and that's who wrecked this place!" 
    "So, what happens now?" Elliot asked. "I mean, I'm assuming something will happen. I just wanna know what." 
    Ender was silent, apparently lost in thought. 
    Suddenly, an Enderman appeared! Immediately, Nat and Elliot started going to attack it, when they were stopped by Ender. 
    "Alright, YOU handle this!" Elliot said. 
    Ender turned and made eye contact with the Enderman. Immediately, Ender and the Enderman were able to establish a link. He told the Enderman to leave the other two alone. 
    Suddenly, the Enderman seemed surprised and concerned, in an Enderman way. 
    "You are Ender?" said the Enderman. 
    "Yes," said Ender (through the link, so Elliot and Nat can't hear them), "but how do you know my name? I have never seen you before." 
    "You are very famous among us." 
    "Um, what's going on?" Elliot said. "Nobody's saying anything." 
    "Yeah, this is weird," added Nat. 
    Ender looked back at them with a slight scolding look. Then, he noticed the Enderman getting angry again, so he gestured for them to look down and shield their eyes, which they did. 
    After that, Ender turned to face the Enderman again. 
    "So, I'm famous?" Ender said. "How?" 
    "We all know of your battle against Herobrine," said the Enderman, "and we seek your help once again." 
    Ender wasn't sure what surprised him more, that all the Endermen knew that he killed Herobrine, or that he didn't expect that! But at that moment, he was more curious about what the Enderman meant by them 'seeking his help.' 
    "What do you mean? You need my help?" 
    "There is a place where we thrive, only accessible through a portal hidden deep underground. There is a powerful dragon there, and the dragon is a tyrant. The dragon breathes an acid that is very painful to touch, and the dragon wants to enslave us all. You must slay the dragon and free us all." 
    Ender was a little shocked, taking it all in. So, he had another journey to take, and another powerful monster to kill. Lovely. 
    At that point, he realized that he actually had TWO missions! He had to defeat this dragon, but he also had to figure out who destroyed Ennd. He decided that the dragon was the top priority. 
    "How do I find the portal?" Ender asked the Enderman. 
    "Ask your old human friends. They have defeated the dragon before, but the dragon was reborn." 
    And with that, the Enderman vanished, teleporting away. 
    Nat peeked up, saw that the Enderman was gone, and stopped shielding her eyes. Then, seeing that Elliot was still shielding his eyes, Nat nudged him with her elbow, causing him to jump. That made Nat laugh a little. 
    "Ha ha, veeeeery funny, Nat," said Elliot, rolling his eyes. 
    "So, what was that all about?" Nat asked. "You and that Enderman were staring at each other for a really long time." 
    Ender pointed in the direction of Steve's town, gesturing for them to follow him. They were about to leave, when Elliot stopped, clearly confused. 
    "I don't get it," he said. "Where are we going? And why were you having a staring contest with an Enderman? I have so many questions that need answers!" 
    "Well, I do too," said Nat, "but I think for now, we should just follow Ender and see what happens." 
    "Well, what about the baddies? It's the middle of the night!" 
    "This guy defeated Herobrine, Elliot. Do you really think a couple of zombies and skeletons will be a problem for him?" 
    Elliot rubbed his chin, thinking about what Nat said. Then, he shrugged. 
    "Fair enough," he said. "Let's go." 
    Ender put his helmet back on, and the three of them left Ennd. 
Part 10 is now up!!! I am aware that this one is a little longer than some, but that's because there wasn't a clean division sooner. 

Now, just for your benefit, here's a basic idea of how much time has passed since the beginning of the story: 

At the very beginning of the story, Ender was 7 years old. (Every time I say that, I can't help but think of that song by Lukas Graham.) 
Ten years later, Ender has his first traumatic encounter with Herobrine. At that point, he is 17. 
After that, he spends five years training with Steve to defeat Herobrine. Now, it is the night after he defeated Herobrine. 

So, overall, 15 years have passed, and at this point, Ender is 22. During those 22 years, he did not speak at all until that final fateful showdown with Herobrine. It is still unclear when exactly Ender learned HOW to speak, and therefore, it is unclear for what amount of those 22 years he was a mute by force, and for how much he was a mute by choice. 

Now that he has spoken, he still won't want to talk too much, since it actually hurts a little. 

So, any theories about anything that has happened so far in the story? Or maybe some predictions for what's to come? I can't promise that I'll tell you if you get a prediction right, since that would be a spoiler. I hate spoilers. 


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