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Procrastination Man: Chapter One

December 17, 2017


In the event of a bank robbery, you probably do what the robbers tell you to do. This is the case for everyone one in America City National Bank expect one. The three robbers, known for some reason as the 'Bipolar Bandits', walked in the bank pulled out their pistols then told every to get on the ground. While they were busy delivering orders to the bank staff, one of the three robbers, Tim, noticed a man with white hair standing at the counter. 

"Hey!" The robber said," Get on the-"

"Do you work here?" The white-haired man said.

"D-do I work- what do you think?!" Tim yelled.

"Cause, if you do, could you look at this paper?" The white-haired man showed the robber a paper.

"...Listen, man-"

"My name is Jimmy,"

"All right, Jimmy, I do not work here, got it," He then pointed at his head,"Why would I be wearing a ski mask if I did?"

Jimmy thought about it,"Because it's cold outside? Speaking of which you not wearing warm clothes."

"Told you," One of the robbers said.

"Shut up, Carl!" The Tim said,"You're not my dad!"

Jimmy wasn't sure what Carl said, but he thought he heard,"I kinda am though," 

Jimmy then felt something metal on his head. Tim had put his gun there. How rude.

"Do you have a lisence for that?" Jimmy asked.

"Do I have a - no I don't!" Tim yelled.

"I told you should've gotten it renewed!" Carl said.

The robber glared at Carl, then he suddenly was hit by something. What ever it was, it made him somehow end up outside of the bank.

Carl looked at Jimmy, because he knew what caused the first robber, Tim, to fly that far came from Jimmy punching him. 

"Gosh dang," Carl said,"Eric, quit flirtin' with that hostage, we need to get outta here!" 

"Does anyone work here?" Jimmy asked, hoping to get an awnser,"Is it Sunday? Cause I literally have no clue what today is."

He looked at where Carl was, but he and his companion already ran away.


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