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December 16, 2017


1. I wish people knew what real music was.
2. I wish war could be easily averted.
3. I wish the UN would actually do something for once.
4. I wish I knew someone that has played "Papers Please" (And if you have, Glory to Arstotzka.)
5. I wish people liked communism more. Karl Marx, Josef Stalin, and Vladimir Lenin need love too!
6. I wish I could read "The Little Prince".
7. I wish I could consider myself funny. You see, people, at least in my case, don't know if their actually funny or not, so I wish I could.
8. I wish I could write a dystopia, but with a ridiculous concept. Like the world is now run by hug power, but someone doesn't like hugs, and they are hunted by the government.
9. It would be so cool if I could inspire someone to do something.
10. I wish they would stop potraying Hades as a bad guy, he was actually the most calm God. However, Disney Hades is fantastic.
11. I wish people would stop sterotyping France as the nation that surrenders a lot. That honor goes to Italy. 
12. I wish America would stop arguing with Russia. We have a lot in common! (See my piece America and Russia to see what I mean.) 
13. I wish politicans would get off social media. Their really just asking for it then. 


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