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Glytch Montoya

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I've been writing short stories and poems independently for a while now. In fact, whenever I get the chance, I work on my short stories, for which I use the word "short" VERY loosely. I'm looking forward to seeing your opinions!

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Part 9!!! It may seem like it's over, but it's not. Trust me, I would know...

Ender (9)

December 17, 2017


[WARNING!!! WARNING!!! WWWWWWWWWWAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRNNNNNNNNIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!: The following story is the ninth installment of this story line. If you have not read the previous eight installments, you simply MUST read them before you read this one. A lot of stuff has happened! And I mean A LOT! Like, a crud ton! A FREAKING CRUD TON!!! That's a really big ton!] 
[OTHER WARNING!!!: ...And there's still a metric crud ton to come...]
[OTHER OTHER WARNING!!!: This installment also contains emotion. If emotions offend you, once again, I suggest that you see a therapist or something about that, and also, I suggest that you do not read this story.] 

    Since the portals had closed and it was daylight, it was much easier for Steve and Alex to take care of the remaining monsters, which they did right before Ender came, holding Herobrine's body. 
    The townspeople saw him coming, and they all looked at him in awe. Steve and Alex also looked, excited to see the results but somewhat tired from fighting all those monsters. 
    Ender stopped in front of the townspeople, then set Herobrine's body down at Steve's feet. Then, he took off his helmet, holding it in his hands. 
    Steve looked down at his brother's lifeless body, appearing to be feeling mixed emotions. Everyone was silent. 
    "He did it!" someone shouted, breaking the silence. 
    Someone else shouted, "The Demon saved us!" 
    A third person shouted, "He's no demon. He's a hero!" 
    After that, all the townspeople started cheering! 
    Then, someone else shouted, "Who are you?" 
    Ender was barely able to say the four words he had said to Herobrine, and he didn't want people to know about that, so he looked at Steve and Alex. Since Steve was still staring at Herobrine's body, Alex stepped in. 
    "His name is Ender," said Alex, "and he is the one that killed Herobrine!" 
    Everyone began to cheer again! 
    Ender wasn't used to this kind of attention, and he was a bit overwhelmed by it. Fortunately, Alex helped him with that. 
    "But he didn't do it alone," she said. "Steve was the one who trained him to take down Herobrine. Let's give Steve a big hand!" 
    They all clapped and cheered for Steve. Steve looked up at the people cheering for him, and he attempted a sort of half smile. Ender could clearly see the pain Steve was trying to hide. 
    Ender looked at Alex, who happened to be looking at him at that time. Ender made a subtle gesture towards Steve with his head, and Alex saw that Steve was going through something. Fortunately, Alex could think fast on her feet. 
    "Now, please, let's work on trying to rebuild," said Alex. "After all, we don't want to leave this town a wreck, do we?" 
    After that, all the townspeople went off to try to fix the damage that the town had taken, leaving Steve, Alex, and Ender there with Herobrine's body. 
    "Hey," said Alex, "you doing okay, Steve?" 
    "Um, yeah, I'm fine," said Steve, clearly not fine. "I just need some time." 
    Alex put her hand on Steve's shoulder. 
    "I get it," said Alex. "He was your brother. It makes sense for you to need some time to grieve." 
    "It's not just that," said Steve. "Before he was like this, Herobrine was my brother. The best brother I could ever ask for. But then, after the mine shaft incident, it was like he was a completely different person. A terrible person. And that's the person that everyone will think of when they think of Herobrine." 
    Steve sighed, then continued. 
    "But I'll always see him as my brother, the good person he used to be." 
    Ender put his hand on Steve's other shoulder, looking into his eyes. 
    Then, Steve remembered something. 
    "Ender," said Steve, "did you do all of it?" 
    Ender nodded, put his helmet away, and pulled out the head of Herobrine's pickaxe, along with the bottle containing Herobrine's soul. 
    "Whoa!" Alex said. "Is that-?" 
    "Yes," said Steve, cutting her off. "That is the remains of Herobrine's pickaxe, and Herobrine's soul, all that remains of Herobrine himself." 
    "Well, besides the body." 
    "Right! His body." 
    They looked at his body for a while, sort of just thinking. 
    "What are we gonna do with it-er, him?" Alex asked. 
    "I don't know," Steve replied, "but we can't just leave him here." 
    Ender looked around him, then saw a graveyard. That gave him an idea. 
    Ender tapped Steve's shoulder, and Steve looked at him. Ender pointed to the graveyard. 
    "That could work," said Steve, "but there's no way that the townspeople would let us bury Herobrine in the town cemetery. They all just saw him as a monster with a god complex." 
    "We could bury him somewhere else," suggested Alex, "like in a cemetery far away from here?" 
    "Great idea, but where?" 
    They all thought about that in silence. 
    "I have one idea," said Alex, "but you might not like it." 
    "What is it?" Steve asked. 
    "Well, maybe we could bury him near the old mine shaft? You know, the one that collapsed on him?" 
    Steve thought about that for a moment, then said, "That could work, but it needs to be good. We can't just dig a ditch and throw him in it. He needs a real grave." 
    They all agreed on that, and they headed towards the mine shaft, with Steve carrying Herobrine's body. 

    Ender could immediately tell that it was an old mine shaft, because it was boarded up, covered with moss, and had caution signs all over it. 
    They all stopped and stared at it for a while. 
    Finally, Steve broke the silence. "Okay, here we go." 
    Steve put down Herobrine's body, and they got to work, building his grave. 
    Once they were done, Ender inscribed Herobrine's name on the grave marker, along with these words: 
        Once a beloved brother, 
        Then a ruthless chaotic,

        Now a fallen legend, 
        Finally at rest. 

    Once Ender finished, he stepped back, letting Steve place Herobrine in the grave. 
    "Goodbye, brother," said Steve as he looked at Herobrine's face for the last time. 
    Then, Steve placed blocks of cobblestone, sealing his brother's body in the grave. After that, he placed flowers around the grave. 
    Once this was done, they had a moment of silence. Finally, they placed a fence around the grave and walked away. 
    "Hey, Steve," said Alex, "do you need some time to yourself? You know, for grievance and all that?" 
    "No, I think I'm fine," said Steve. "I just need to get over it." 
    Just then, Ender remembered something. So, he ran in front of Steve and Alex, facing them. 
    "What is it, Ender?" Alex asked. 
    Ender pulled out the bottle with Herobrine's soul and the remains of Herobrine's pick. 
    "Oh, right," said Alex. "What are we gonna do with those?" 
    Ender looked at Steve, since this was clearly his call. 
    "Keep 'em, Ender," said Steve. "You deserve it." 
    Ender shook his head, holding out the bottle and pick to Steve, gesturing for him to take it. 
    "Thank you, Ender," said Steve, taking the bottle and pick. "For everything." 
    Ender smiled, appreciating Steve's appreciation. 
    "Well," Alex said, "we should probably head back to town, to help rebuild and stuff." 
    "Hey, Ender!" Steve said. "You wanna come with us? We could use all the help we can get." 
    Ender shook his head. 
    "What?" Alex said. "Why not?" 
    Ender didn't know how to explain it with a gesture, so he tried speaking again. 
    "Old... Friends," was all he managed to get out. He wasn't used to talking, so it took a lot of effort. 
    Both Steve and Alex were surprised by this. 
    "Ender," said Steve, "you can talk?" 
    He tried speaking again, this time using complete sentences, but with pauses. 
    "Not... Really... Talking is... Hard..." 
    "Wow," said Alex, "your voice doesn't sound anything like what I would've expected. I'm guessing since you've never spoken before, it's difficult to do it now?" 
    Ender nodded. 
    "Wait," said Steve, "when you said 'old friends', did you mean the Endermen?" 
    Ender nodded, then spoke again. 
    "I am... Their leader... I must... Go back... To them..." 
    "We understand," said Steve. "Just know that you're always welcome in our town." 
    Ender smiled, offering his hand to Steve. Instead, Steve hugged him. (A man hug, of course.) 
    Then, Steve pulled Alex into the hug, making it a group hug. 
    Finally, they separated, going their separate ways. Steve and Alex went back to their town to help rebuild, and Ender started heading back to Ennd. 
Part 9 is up!!! If it seems like the story is drawing to a close, you couldn't be more wrong. 

(I could've ended the story right there, but then I got more ideas, so I didn't end it. That's why it's taken me over a year and a half to write what I've written on my phone.) 


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  • Glytch Montoya

    "A friendly embrace between two men," according to Google.
    Basically, a man hug is exactly that: a hug where both participants happen to be men.

    Also, thanks? I'm phrasing it as a question because that's what you did?

    almost 2 years ago
  • Lee Fudge

    What would a "Man Hug?" be? Good work, by the way?

    almost 2 years ago