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Rewriting The World

December 16, 2017


    "Can you hear me?" 

      Hope enlightens his face, a plastering beam to me. "Hi," he says.
   "Hey," I reply, with an itch to decry this unvaried world. "You... read the same book?"
   "The one that catches my very attention." He adds, "And yours, too."

   He fixed me a beseeching look. "Every flower dies. Every bird flies. Every person can despise."

   I continue his seemingly uncomplete speech. "Emotion can humanize. Music can harmonize. Stories can be improvised."
   "Is that even possible?" he asks. A thought everyone contemplated. A doubt that can make everything seem fated. A fantasy everyone waited.

   "It is," I say, aware that I never left anything unsaid.

   "Don't ever leave me unheard. Storms might've whirled." Silence deafens our ears. 

   "I want to rewrite the world." 



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