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Third Planet From the Sun: Chapter One

December 16, 2017


3000 A.D. Somehow, humans have managed to survive that long. Companies that were around in the 2000s, such as Helvectica Labs, were still around. However, the most interesting devoplent is that, well... all the continents...sort of became one supercontinent. And...uh, it's sorta my fault?

Okay, so let me explain. You see, there was a time in 2458 that the whole world fought over one thing, a giant glass baby. No one knew where the heck it came from, but boy, everyone wanted it. So the UN finally decided that they actually decided to keep the peace for the first time in its existence, and appointed me in charge of negotiations. 

My form of negotiation is to bomb everything. 

Amd I swear to you, one of the bombs hit the middle of the Pacific Ocean, smashed a tectonic plate, causing the largest earthquake in the history of ever, which somehow pushed all the continents together.

Look guys, I am not a seismologist, don't ask me how this happened.

So then the continents, in their new smushed state, decided to by friends, since they could literally invade any land by land methods. 

So now the whole worlds at peace, the glass baby hasn't been found, and I am the defectors rule of the whol world.

How am I still alive, you may ask?

Cause I'm not human.

I'm an A.I.


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