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Gabriela Salazar

United States

does everyone see what i see?

October 23, 2015

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Does everyone see what i see?

                    Many people see the difference of life others see nothing but themselves. Others see dark others see light.
But why? I see happiness,depression,light and dark. I can see inside peoples minds and life. But does everyone see what i see? I doubt it. But why? So many whys, why this and why that? No one seems to have an answer and it sucks. I really want to know why i see so different then others. But maybe i just won't ever know. Know why i see light,dark,blue skies,bright moon,beneath the life of a human being and into the mind of innocent,happy,depressed,curious,and weird people. All i really know is that i see different then others and thats just me.


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