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Glytch Montoya

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I've been writing short stories and poems independently for a while now. In fact, whenever I get the chance, I work on my short stories, for which I use the word "short" VERY loosely. I'm looking forward to seeing your opinions!

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Part 7!!!!!!!!!!

Ender (7)

December 16, 2017


[WARNING!!!: This is the seventh installment of this story, as you may have guessed by the large number seven next to the title. If you are just joining this story or have not read the previous installments for any other reason, PLEASE DO SO BEFORE CONTINUING. Otherwise, the story may make no sense.] 

    Ender and Steve traveled far and wide, searching for signs of Herobrine. Finally, one night, they decided that if they couldn't find Herobrine, they would let Herobrine find them. They would use a beacon to attract Herobrine to them. They just had to decide where. 
    Before they could decide, another person came to the Village of Ennd. This one was a girl with orange hair, light skin, a green shirt, green eyes, brown pants, grey boots, and a worried look on her face. She seemed to recognize Steve. 
    "Steve!" she shouted, sounding simultaneously terrified, worried, angry, and frustrated. 
    She then noticed the Endermen coming towards her, and she looked even more panicked than before! 
    Fortunately, Ender stepped in, stopping the Endermen once again. The Endermen walked away, and when Ender looked back at the girl, she looked very confused. 
    "What just happened?" the girl asked. 
    Steve, catching up with Ender, said, "Okay, let me get to introductions. This is Alex, a very close friend of mine. Alex, remember when I told you about that kid I met in the forest fifteen years ago?" 
    "Yeah?" Alex replied. 
    "Well, this is him. Ender, take off your helmet." 
    Ender took off his helmet, holding it in his hands. 
    "Alex," Steve continued, "this is Ender. He's the one that built this huge village for the Endermen." 
    "Really?" Alex said, looking at Ender. "You built all of this?" 
    Ender nodded. 
    "Wow. Why don't the Endermen attack you?" 
    Ender pointed to his eyes. 
    "Oh, cool!" 
    "Alex," said Steve, "did you need something?" 
    "Oh, right!" Alex said, looking worried again. "It's the town! Our town!" 
    "The one where we grew up?" 
    "Yeah, that one! It's under attack!" 
    "It's true! Herobrine is attacking our town!" 
    Both Ender and Steve looked shocked. After a few seconds, though, they both got a look of determination. 
    "Let's go," Steve said. 
    "Wait, how are you going to defeat Herobrine?" 
    "I'm not," said Steve. "Ender is." 
    "What? This guy?" 
    "Yeah. I've been training him for the past five years! He's strong enough to defeat him now!" 
    "Really? Wow. Okay. Well, we should probably get going now!" 
    They were about to leave, when Ender stopped. Something had been bugging him for a while, and now he knew what; Steve and Alex didn't have armor. 
    Steve looked back, stopped, stopped Alex, and said, "What's wrong, Ender?" 
    Ender rapped his knuckles on his helmet, which he was still holding. Then, he gestured to Steve and Alex. 
    "He can't speak," Steve explained to Alex, "but I think he's worried about us not having armor." 
    Ender nodded. 
    "I guess that makes sense," said Alex. "We should make some armor, too. Of course, all my materials are back home." 
    Steve looked at Ender, and Ender nodded. 
    "I think Ender can help us with that one," said Steve, "right, Ender?" 
    Ender nodded and gestured for them to follow him. They did so, walking quickly, with Steve and Alex avoiding eye contact with the Endermen. 

    Lucky for them, during those five years of training, Ender built an armory in the Village of Ennd. And in that armory, they could find all the materials they needed to make great armor. That was where they went. 
    Once in the armory, Ender let them use whatever materials they wanted. He had plenty of everything. Naturally, they both made diamond armor, but they didn't make full sets. Instead, they made diamond chest plates, and the rest was iron. 
    They also went to the enchantment room and enchanted their weapons. Steve had an enchanted diamond sword, and Alex had an enchanted bow with tipped arrows. 
    Once they were ready, the three of them quickly left Ennd, racing to Herobrine. 

    Ender found the village to look nice, reminiscent of a village he had once seen fifteen years before. 
    Well, it almost looked nice. There was chaos everywhere, with evil monsters attacking the townspeople! It was clear that this was Herobrine's doing. They could see a sort of evil storm cloud coming from deeper within the village. It had to be where Herobrine was. 
    Ender saw monsters of all kinds running amok, from the Overworld AND the Nether! There were zombies, skeletons (normal and Wither), creepers, spiders (normal, jockey, AND cave), zombie pigmen, ghasts, slimes, magma cubes, blazes, and even a couple of baby zombies riding chickens! (Don't ask.) 
    "The townspeople!" Alex shouted. "We need to help them!" 
    Just then, a ghast fired a fireball right towards a group of people, which Ender, acting on instinct, repelled with one of his swords. 
    "Look! It's the Demon!" said one of the townspeople. 
    Ender was confused. Demon? he thought. 
    "Oh yeah, these townspeople think you're some kind of demon," said Steve. "They apparently saw you fifteen years ago and started all these rumors." 
    The truth struck him: this WAS the village he had seen! This strengthened his resolve. The townspeople may have thought he was a monster, but the real monster was Herobrine. 
    He must be destroyed at all costs. 
    Ender put on his helmet, concealing everything but his eyes, and looked into the coming storm. 
    "We'll protect the townspeople," said Steve. "You go get Herobrine!" 
    Ender looked back at Steve, then nodded, turned back around, and ran towards the storm. 
Part 7!!! Things are getting heated up! (No pun intended, because there is no pun here!) 


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