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Female. Youngest of six. Pretty (?), sarcastic, Tom-boyish, and very much a geek.

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I guess I should say honest feedback is best but nothing crazy brutal. That said, please don't go to the other extreme and try to spare my feelings. Be descriptive and truthful because I really want to improve.

Why I Never Told You

July 5, 2014

You were angry at me, like you sometimes are, but this time you were screaming through those hot tears, asking me whether I even liked you at all, but you won't let me answer since the sobs seem to be destroying every last breath into gasps and I don't know what to do so I stepped outside for a walk as your sister comes down the stairs and that's when I realize it and I know it's important that I tell you but I'm not sure if you've cooled off yet (you kinda have a temper sometimes) so I just take another stroll around the block when this blue pick-truck rear ends the moving van going down the street and then it's spinning out of control towards the sidewalk-; so I guess I never told you because we're in two different worlds.


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