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Undead Hunter: Chapter Seven

June 14, 2018


You had no idea how Wallace's kids got in your house. Maybe they broke a window, maybe they picked the lock, you don't know. But they were in here, and they were curious as all hell. 

“You live here?” The boy said.

”It’s so big!” The girl said.

You were quite annoyed at their breaking and entering, but then again, you didn’t have any evidence they did breaking and entering.

”So,” You said,”How did you two get in here?” 

“You left the door unlocked,” The boy said. You noted they didn’t break in, but you could sue them for home invasion.

“All right,” You said, going to the phone,”What are your names?

“I’m Willard!” The boy said.

”I’m Kim!” The girl said.

Heh, they didn’t know better.

”All right,” You said, smiling,”Would you mind helping me find the phone so I can call the police?”

The boy kept smiling,”There has to be an emergency silly!”

”There is,” You say,”There’s two children in MY home without MY permission, and I want them out.”

They turned white, and started begging and pleaded for you not to call, you took pity on them.

”Fine, fine, I won’t call,” You said,”Now, would you like some breakfast?”

You made some eggs, they seemed to enjoy them.

”So, Simon,” Willard said,”How did you get this house?”

”It was my uncles,” You said,”Although, I couldn’t own it until my aunt died.”

“Why?” Kim askes.

”She claimed she owned because she was his brother.”

”So, why’d he give it to you?” Kim asked.

That was a good question, why did Manchester Melbourne give you his house? Despite ruining your family, you liked him, and he liked you, even though you rarely saw him. Before you could give an awnser though, a noise came from the basement.



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