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Message to Readers

I might make more of these, since they're all about the same. freaking. guy.
If you finish reading this and you're unsatisfied with the ending, then I must've done it right. Hah.

The Way You Are (Part 2 of Fix Myself)

January 3, 2018


You're not a good person, I've learned to see...
How could I have been so blind?
I'll say it again, you belittle me.
Even though to you I'm kind.

The stars in my eyes you blotted away...
Why didn't I see it sooner?
I chased you, you ran- this repeated every day.
I was the punchline of your sick humor;
Is that really all I am,
To you just a joke?
You once were the one that helped me stand.
Now in my lungs you're smoke.

The way I am, I've learned, is fine.
I shouldn't have to change.
The way you are, though, is a sign, 
And now that my eyes are clear it's strange:

You never wanted me, nor anyone else,
Yet everyone wanted you.
You care about no one but yourself,
Now in my heart anger brews;
This monster behind the sweet-boy mask...
Does no one see who you are?
You play the victim, let tears flash.
but the amount of girls you take is all.

You're that cliche, heartless, popular jock.
But my unnoticed heart is upon my sleeve.
Why do you come out on top?
I guess that's just how things must be.


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