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Glory For Caldinia: Part One

December 14, 2017


It has been declared that all television commercial shall be reviewed by the Administration of Media. Also, twenty percent of ad revenue must go to the Caldinian government. This will be called an "Advertising Tax" and will go into effect immediately. The responsibility of collecting said tax will, of course, go to the Administration of Finance. 

Date of order: July 10th, 1983. 
Glory For Caldinia.

An order like that in Caldinia goes in effect literally hours after the order get issued. This shows efficiency in the government. No citizen complained about the government, and for good reason, they were the best thing that has ever happened in Caldinia. The previous government, when Caldinia was ruled by a Tsar, the government was tyrannical. However in 1981, a group known as the Socio-Federalists took over the capital, making the Tsardom fall.

The new leader of Caldinia and head of the Socio-Federalists was Boris Gresky (Gris - key). He was immensely popular as a general and as Caldinia's Chairman. He also introduced the Administrative System, where aspects of the country were run by Administrators. They were chosen by the Chairman and, if there was no clear choice from him, there was a vote from the people. 

Gresky was was sitting in his office, reading a new Offical Request. While the Administrators had power in certain aspects, they had to send request for new orders to Gresky to get approved. This particular request came from the Administration of Intelligence, runned by Administrator I. M. Evull. It read:

I request the Administration of Intelligence by able to monitor religous activities (i.e. Church sermons, holidays etc) to monitor their content. Should they go against the Gresky Regime, I request we have permission to arrest them without a warrant.

Glory For Caldinia,
I. M. Evull.

Gresky wrote him a response.

I give you permission to monitor, but do not arrest unless it gets violent. Refer to Order #364 for classifications of violence. 

Glory For Caldinia.

This is how the governments works.


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