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My name is Sydni but you can call me Syd;)
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Not sure how I feel about this piece, but I'm uploading it anyway! Please let me know how you feel about it!!

No Exceptions

December 12, 2017



The streets were dark. Only one shadow could be spotted.
            Ananya Elm raced through the street, holding her breath in angst.
She was so close. She was so far.
She was so tired. She was so awake.
            Ananya noticed an old lady sitting on a bench reading, unusual at this time of night. Of course, she should have been obedient and followed her gut; she should have turned left, refusing a single glance toward the old woman.  Unfortunately, her curiosity took over; curiosity can be dangerous. When she was younger, she was always found in trouble for the many questions she asked.  She was told many times, “Stop digging into things that aren’t your business, Ananya!” Her work boots made an obnoxious noise as she moved closer to what her gut called “idiocy” and what her meddlesomeness called “excitement”.  
            “Ma’am, it is past curfew,” Ananya warns.  She is worried for the old woman’s safety more than her own. For all she knew, the old woman could be a tourist. Tourists were not an exception in Russia.  Exceptions did not exist in Russia. 
            “Oh dear, I forgot,” the old lady responded.
Ananya caught her breath.
            Without putting down her paperback novel the supposed “old lady” blew a whistle loudly, summoning another of her comrades. Before Ananya could make a run for it and pretend this never occurred, the youthful, disguised woman shoved her forcefully to the hard, curvy road, causing the world to viciously spin around her.  A man, who looked in his late thirties, jogged toward them.  The old lady then took one of her arms, the man the other. Together, they carried her off to her doom.
The Secret Police roam the streets in disguise, going under cover as normal civilians. If you speak one word against the Soviet Union, Stalin, or the Communist Party, or are caught out past curfew, no matter the reason, they will snatch you away form everything and everyone you know. They will take you off to the Gulag, the labor camps located in Siberia. The Secret Police’s greatest strategy is the fear it creates: no one trusts anyone.


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