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I'm from India and New Zealand. Writing and reading give me hope. I believe in spontaneous cartwheels, forgiveness, and blank pages.

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I love words and linguistics! If you want to know more about words that fill spaces, I highly recommend Landmarks by Robert McFarlane, though it's fairly UK specific.

the words I need

December 7, 2017

PROMPT: Fernweh

berhasan (adj.): (1) to feel unsettled in a general way, but unable to identify the woruce. (2) wrinkling in the wind, precursor to a storm (as of a lake or ocean)
murian (pronounced moo-ree-ahn): the mixture of melancholy and delight you feel when it rains unexpectedly after many days
swifting: moving with joy, to give the illusioun of speed and delight even if you are in reality moving slowly


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