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Why I Write

By: Althea Floge

PROMPT: Why I Write

I am an uncertain girl, in an uncertain universe. And the only way to be certain of myself is through writing. Without writing we would all be lost. Our spirits would be drifting on the breeze, we would be empty souls with no personalities.

I write so that in someplace, somewhere, somebody can live my dream life, even if they don't exist or they do exist, but only in an alternate universe, where I will never meet them. 

I write to see my dream life come alive. I truly believe that if I write it and when I write, someone can, and will live my story.

I write to lose myself to my imagination and shut the world out for a little bit. My idea is that even if I can't live my story for real I can live it through someone else, even if that person is a made up character. Maybe one day I will be a princess in a tower that rescues herself. Another day I might just be a normal girl with a normal life, but in the end she will conquer the world and demand justice. Yet, in all of my different dreams I will always find true love; maybe I will find it in Paris, France or maybe I will find it in Forks, Washington, it could even be at the bottom of the sea, but no matter the place the person will be the same.

Writing is reaching for the sky, and touching it. It is when you connect with a part of yourself that has never seen the light. You are opening the doors of opportunity for yourself when you write. When you write you are teaching yourself the ways of the world. It is one of the few ways you can touch the sky, sure you can reach for it whenever and wherever, but no matter how much you reach for it you can not touch it unless you truly believe. If you believe enough in anything you can make it come true. My dream is to touch the sky one day and find the key to life.

Peer Review

'Writing is reaching for the sky, and touching it' - I love this idea. It encompasses your other reasons really effectively. It's the idea that writing can help you to fulfil your ambitions and expectations and gives you the power you could never have in any other circumstance. It also exposes you to worlds of beauty that you would otherwise never have experienced.

Probably the idea that I'd be lost without writing. I've tried going without it and it always felt like I'd lost a particular part of my soul - it's really necessary for me to harness my ideas in writing and use them to remember myself. It's too easy to go without confronting oneself if one refuses to write, and I believe we should always challenge ourselves to become better. Writing is the ideal medium for this.

Reviewer Comments

This was excellently written. You have an especially good ear for poetic phrases which you integrate really well into your text. All you might want to do with this would be to maybe rephrase some of the phrases I highlighted for clarity, as sometimes I lost your meaning. Otherwise, great work, and I hope to see more of your work on the site in future!