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A Catholic girl, who just has a huge passion to write. Id like to call out my friends, DragonMasterFox and LackingASocialLife, they both have unique writing styles. I want to be a great musician and can't wait to see what life has in store for me.

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This Is Our Home- Part Thirteen

December 7, 2017


           Kelcy woke up to the sound of birds chirping and found soft grass underneath her. How am I outside? Wait. Is that my house? Kelcy sat up to find her house right in front of her. She had a huge aching pain as she stood. Collin really did beat me up. She walked over to the front door and knocked. A few seconds later, her mother arrived through the doorway with a cop behind her. “Kelcy! Where were you? Are you okay? How did you get home? Why is your nose all bruised?” Her mother shoved the door to the wall and gave Kelcy a big bear hug.
           After being squeezed to death by her mother, Kelcy started answering the questions her mom asked her. “I was at a huge three day sleep over with Nalia, my best friend. I’m sorry I forgot to let you know that I agreed to that. Now, answering if I’m okay, yes, I’m fine. I kind of got in a fight with Max, Nalia’s boyfriend, when he punched me in the nose at the party. Nalia’s mom kicked him out, so we could get massages and pedicures. I’m home because Nalia drove me here.” Kelcy prayed that all her lies would be convincing.
           Kelcy’s mom eyed the yard. “Where’s Collin?”
    Kelcy gulped. “Umm, he ran home.”
           The cop left and Kelcy’s mom told Kelcy that she had some errands to run and that she was glad Kelcy was safe. Her mom then got in the car and drove off.
                                                                .                .                .
           Kelcy ran up to her room to find a phone ringing on her night stand. “Hello?”
A deep voice spoke, “Hi Darling.”
                 “Who is this?”
           “Look out your window.” The line disconnected with a click.
Kelcy rose from her bed and opened her blinds. She then opened her window to see a boy, no older than seventeen. He wearing black Levi’s and a black sweatshirt. He looked up at her wearing a mischievous grin and took off running. Kelcy heard a ding. She checked the phone in her hand. A new text came from the hooded boy. “So you saw me. Good Darling. See you at school.”


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