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Bite Sized Nightmare (Final Version)

July 13, 2014

Bite sized Nightmare The stage was set in Brazil, land of wonder and awe. Sambas were danced in celebration of the choosing of the venue and drums were beat to the cries of the millions. Tickets were purchased years in advance and over priced tickets were scavenged for by eager consumers. Stadiums built and barely finished for the global spectacle stood packed to capacity. Old team memorabilia was dug up from closets.

All other sports come to a halt. The cameras are centered on the eleven grass stained men who fight for their country, all-hoping to crush the competition and claim the golden cup. Expecting to excel and stun the spectators, these teams come to the world cup with one goal in mind and that is to win. With tough competitors such as Italy, a powerhouse, England, a strong team with young talent and a great past, and Costa Rica, the underdogs Uruguay hope to finish with a respectable result and pull out of their group.

Uruguayan superstar Louis Suarez, who plays for Liverpool, a very successful Barclays Premier League team graces the team with his presence leading them to a 2-1 victory over England. Suarez,a great contender for future glory basks, in the attention of media. When will his good fame plummet and his "elite" status fail him? Uruguay has found their superstar to depend on, their lifeline and heart of the team. After missing the first game due to an injury, Suarez comes back to the second game against England, where he scored a goal to give his country the three points that they so desperately needed, especially with a strong Costa Rican team in their group to contend with. The standards are set high for the Uruguayan star. Knowing this he enters the highly anticipated game against the Italian giants. The Italian side is stacked with talent and high hopes for a spot in the next round. However, the Uruguayan side shows no signs of giving up. As the ball floats in the box an Italian player Giorgio Chiellini vies for the ball with the Uruguayan star. Suarez acting unnecessarily to extreme measures bites his arm. Outraged Chellini shows the referee the bite marks, but the referee turns a blind eye and pushes for the progression of the match. After the controversial game FIFA has come to a consensus and decides that Suarez is to be banned until the end of October of the year 2014 from any football related activities.

Why did he put such a reputation on the line? With such a bright future ahead of him and a starting position on the squad he throws it all away in a matter of minutes. Why risk expulsion from the game for a mere taste of flesh? Was the bite going to help him succeed. What was going in his mind as he decided to perform this outrageous stunt? Maybe he imagined his actions would go unnoticed, but an act of this manor will not go unnoticed. It seems as if his instinct for such uncommon behavior has gotten the best of this young star.

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