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A Catholic girl, who just has a huge passion to write. Id like to call out my friends, DragonMasterFox and LackingASocialLife, they both have unique writing styles. I want to be a great musician and can't wait to see what life has in store for me.

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This Is Our Home- Part Eight

December 6, 2017


When Collin was put to sleep he dreamed of running shoes racing across the blacktop. A girl was smiling at him and then there was a loud BANG! When Collin woke up he realized that he was sweating while he was dreaming, Then, the wave of questions hit him. Why was I dreaming of a girl? Why was she smiling at me? Do I know her? Why does she look familiar? Who is she?
“Ahh, the soldier is up. How are you?” The tank opened up and Collin stepped out.
    “Uhh, fine?” He stood with an aching pain in his back.“When do I get to sleep?”
“Collin you were in there for twelve hours. You got your sleep.”  The soldier laughed a deep scratchy laugh. “I’m your new alpha or leader. Your name is Collin, right?”
Collin looked around the tank room and realized that he was all alone with his new ‘leader’. “Yeah, my name is Collin.”
 “Good. Your training starts tomorrow.”
.                .                .
As Collin was walking out of his quarters, he was told to meet up with his pack at the maze. The maze was a training room to increase your directional skills. He ran through the halls to make sure that he wasn’t late. After he appeared to the maze’s entrance, Collin heard a familiar voice that was screaming his name. This time the voice was louder and more feminine. “Collin, it’s Kelcy.”   Then a girl appeared in the maze’s entrance. “Soldier! Get that trespasser.” Two guards were behind the girl. The girl punched the soldier to the right of her and yanked Collin’s hand as if she was telling him to fight on her side. Collin had no hesitation to grab his pistol and shoot the guards, dead. As the girl ran down the hall, Collin followed. They took an immediate left, and she pushed him into a doorway.  “Let me catch my breath.” Said the girl, she was panting heavily.
“Who are you? Why are you here?” Collin said and couldn’t help to notice that she had to be the girl from his dream.
     “My name is Kelcy. I’m here so that I can bust my friend out of here.”
“What’s your friend's name?”
   “Collin. Collin Nash.”
  “That’s me, but I don’t know you. Although, now that I think about it, I did dream about you.”
       “If you are Collin, then what did you win first place in for track?”
Something told him to say the eight hundred so he did.
     “Collin it is you! What did they do to you? You look so beat up.”
“I don’t remember. All I remember was being shoved into a tank, against my will.”


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