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December 6, 2017


    Hair, it's everywhere. When you brush your hair it is on the floor, your brush and your clothes. When you are taking a nice bath there is often hair floating on the surface. If you have a pet of some sort, then there is going to be a consequence of the fur everywhere. When you vacuum you are really just sucking up dirt, dust, lint, and hair. Sometimes hopefully, not often, there will be a nasty long hair in your food.  You may not think hair is everywhere but it is, literally. 
    Hair has many uses. For example, if you have long hair, it keeps your neck warm in the winter. More specifically, it protects the back of your neck from the cold wind. If you have a beard, it keeps your chin and some of your neck from getting cold. Many people think hair is not useful but it can be in many ways. Violin bows are made of horsehair. Without hair, you wouldn't be able to play the violin. 
    Some girls fix their hair different than others. To me, hair is personality. When people bleach or dye their hair, they are mostly doing it so that it will fit their personality. Hair is just an accessory to some but to others, it is their personality. 
    Overall, hair is very useful and everywhere. There is no way you can get rid of hair completely.  When you burn hair, it leaves off a horrible smell


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  • Patt

    I'm really glad I learned that the hair used in violin bows is made of horsehair. It had never crossed my mind before. And you are right, hair is everywhere.

    over 2 years ago