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Eve, the good or the bad?

July 6, 2014

PROMPT: All in a Name


Hi I'm Eve. My name means a few different things. I googled my name and found a few meanings behind it. The Hebrew origin meant life or breathe, but in the bible the term is used for the first woman. So as Eve was the first her name meant mother to all who breathe. On a different website it was less where my name came from and more of what it stood for. It said Eve was the first therefore the most important. You can't call Eve fit or hot. She is so much more. I dated an Eve once. Looking for another. So maybe my name is like Helen of Troy. Less a name and more of a noun. Sometimes I squirm while listening to the Genesis acount. Being associated with the woman who took our perfection away seems a little weird. Yet it was brought out to me that maybe it's a good thing. Jesus was called the second Adam the second perfect man on earth, so maybe the name Eve is just getting a second change to have a good story behind it. Eve is the only name my parents could agree on, yet my mom liked it for more than that. She viewed Eve as a simple name, a name that I could fulfill in anyway, that is elegant and simple. Thinking of Eve doesn't instantly bring up a picture the way a name like Gertrude does. Even though sometimes I wonder if the name fits me I believe that it does, showing the true side of me, being truly me. So maybe now Eve doesn't mean the first woman who lost perfection. Maybe it means an outgoing 14 year old book loving girl ready to tackle high school.

The other website was urban dictionary in case anyone was wondering.


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