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December 28, 2018


    "Mom!" I shout from the bathroom. 
My voice sounds weak and shaky. I sit on the floor of the shower, covered in goosebumps despite the thick, fluffy towel I have wrapped around myself. I look down again at the dark bruises covering my body and wince. There's a knock on the bathroom door before my mother walks in, her face a mask of concern. 
    "Hon? Where are you?" She asks. 
  I open my mouth and try to answer her, but my voice catches in my throat. I can do nothing but wait behind the frosted glass of the shower door, hoping she will find me. Her footsteps continue to grow nearer until suddenly the shower door swings open. My mother stands frozen in front of me, her mouth open as if she was about to say something. Her face contorts as she takes in the shades of purple, blue, black, and red covering my skin. I stand there, trembling, still unable to speak. 
    "Sadie," she says softly, her voice breaking.
She carefully lifts me out of the shower and carries me to my bedroom, gently laying me on top of the soft blankets on my bed. When she looks at me I see that her face is wet with tears. She adjusts my head on the pillow and then pulls her phone out of her pocket. She pads out into the hallway, still in her morning slippers, to dial emergency services. I close my eyes and rub the cool sheets between my fingers while my thoughts drift. Within seconds, I have fallen fast asleep.
 I am woken by the sharp ring of the doorbell. My mother's face is taut with worry as she rushes out of the room to let the paramedics in. Minutes later their heavy tread can be heard on the stairs as my mother directs them to my bedroom. They rush in, carrying bags and cases in every material and color you could think of. The first medic looks at me, and for a moment I can make out her forest green eyes before her face dissolves into silver glitter. Silver glitter? That can't be right. Suddenly my head erupts in pain. I see fire everywhere, and it hurts my eyes. Red, orange, and yellow burn through my brain. I can't hear anything over the roar of the colors stuck inside of my head. I thrash and scream as the bruises covering my skin turn to fire, melting my nerves. A beautiful woman in blue steps out of the flames. She holds out her hand to me to help me through the fire. I know it will hurt, but I accept anyway. Together we jump, and together we fall.


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  • The Bubbling Pen

    This piece was so gorgeous. The ending "Together we jump, and together we fall." was my favourite line, it was both effective and heart-warming. By the way, I love your profile pic - it's so cute!

    8 months ago