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A Perfect Christmas

By: izagrace04

    I wake up on Christmas morning, bubbling with joy. It is only 5am. I am too excited to sit still, but my parents said not to wake them up until 6am. I jump out of bed and dash to the living room. I see presents, one large and one small. My beautiful stocking my grandmother made is hanging above the fireplace, overflowing with goodies. I think I can see a candy cane. I smell cinnamon and nutmeg, remnants of last night's hot chocolate. I pace around, anxious. Only 20 minutes have passed. I run to my room and plug in my Christmas lights. A vibrant array of colors flood my room and shine light onto my mini Christmas tree. I put on my beautiful, soft pink and sparkly Christmas Dress and curl my long,red hair. Only 15 more minutes! I rush to the kitchen and put on a pot of coffee for my mom and dad, so they have less to do. The coffee smells bitter, but my parents enjoy it. Finally, 6am! I run into their room and shake them awake. They take a long time to get out of bed and get fully woken up. My parents look very tired, but the sparkle in their different colored eyes say that they are excited too. Finally, we huddle into the living room. My mom lights a fire, while my dad and I sit and sip hot cocoa and coffee. First, I pull out my gifts for my parents. A photo album for my mom, and a painting for my dad. They open them with care and thank me, homemade gifts are their favorite. Then, eagerly, I open my stocking. Craft supplies, candy and more fall out. At the very bottom is an orange, which is a tradition in our family, to remind us of all we should be thankful for. I set it aside for later, oranges are my favorite fruit. I open the big present, and then the little one. I hug my mom and dad, exactly what I had wanted. I get lost in thought for a moment, thinking of how I could use these perfect presents. We then cuddle by the fire and read the Christmas story, my favorite part is when the angels sing. Soon, it's time for a yummy meal of chicken, cranberry sauce and eggnog. We laugh and eat. I am too full to have dessert, so we decide to wait. Soon, it starts snowing, and my dad and I go outside and go sledding. We form a slide to sled down, and crash into the snow. I can't stop laughing. We run back inside after hours of play, and my mom has more hot cocoa for us. It tastes good and feels hot in my numb hands. The warmth spreads through my whole body. My dad looks at me and smiles. We cuddle by the fire once more, and watch a Christmas movie, falling asleep as the sun goes down. I only wake up once, when I hear some carolers outside. My parents were still asleep, but the moment was still very precious. As the carolers sing, I drift into a deep sleep, thinking about how the best Christmas ever turned into an even better one. Several years later, I still remember a Christmas similar to this, and it is still my favorite Christmas ever...

I am an only child, so Christmas is an extra special holiday. My dad takes work off, there is no school, and we just have time as a family! I'd love to know if you have any feedback!

Message to Readers

I'd love any advice you guys have!!! Please let me know what you think (;

Peer Review

I loved the clear tone of your voice.

Being with her family.

I'd like to hear your voice when telling the reader that you're an only child.

The ending was definitely the closing of a valuable memory for this writer.

KEEP WRITING! because it's something that you have a passion for, so don't quit.

Reviewer Comments

This amazing!