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Hi, my names Maddy and I'm a sixteen year old from Australia. Ever since I was a little girl I have loved reading, writing, dancing and fangirling. I write stories every Friday afternoon at a Writer's Club I joined last year.

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The Tree I Remember

October 6, 2015

PROMPT: Dear Tree

Dear Mr Tree,
It’s been two years, but I remember.
I remember the afternoons spent draped across your branches staring into the sky.
I remember when you were deepest darkest Peru, and I remember the bear I found in you.
I remember the times you were the magical far away tree and I remember the tea parties I had with silky the elf and moon face.
I remember the pirates I fought and the times I fell overboard.
I remember when you were a house, and I called you home.
I remember when I was Tarzan, and you were my jungle.
I remember steering you through the stars, and I remember reaching the top.
I remember the picnics I had in you, and the three cups I cracked.
I remember saying goodbye. And waving as I drove away.
I’ll always remember something I can never forget.
So please remember me.
Remember our good times and be nice to the new little girl who’ll always remember you.
I haven’t found a new tree, but maybe someday I will. But until then you will always be the tree that I remember.
Adieu till we meet again,


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