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Mother Earth

October 16, 2015

     Earth's radius is 3,959 miles. Her age is 4.54 billion years and, as of 2013, her population is 7.125 billion. She gives us life. Earth has been able to sustain a billion lives. She provided for nearly 7 billion people. How do we care for her? We give her smog, cut down her trees, polute her water? How can she care for us when we don't care for her? She already strains herself so hard to provide. 

     Over four and a half billion years she has given herself to us, yet we keep nagging. We are like a child to a first time mother, we pull at her dress and she gives us a peice of herself. Some show gratitude but many forget we are taking her apart and she does it willfully. 

    The earthquakes, the tsunamis, the storms and eruptions are her warning. Take heed of Mother Earth's warning. While destroying her we destroy our source. Human, as a race, is too young to leave their mother, though we test our limits of independence. It's either choose kindness and compassion or leave. Is this humanity?

     Humanity, said to be so great and beautiful but we choose to leave instead of cleaning up our mess. Humanity is as great as abandoning our mother. This isn't what humanity is, is it? I'm only a young and impressionable child; this can't be humanity. I don't want to be left with a mother without want of a child. I don't want to be abandoned. "Hell hath no fury like a women scorned." Our planet is a living thing, too.

    We must take another chance, we are far beyond a second chance, but we must try to fix our planet. A planet growing old and weak must be cared for, not abandoned. We must begin trying again. Our future generations should know of our origin planet, our Mother Earth. They should be born upon another planet, unless we cower away from our mother's wrath. Does humanity mean coward? I believe not! 

    Second chance for our billionth time, we can do so much more than run away; we can repair it. All we need is the population to stop fighting and realize the damage we have inflicted upon Earth, not the Americans, or the Africans, or even the Saudi Arabians, but us all. We must become humans, not multiple races. Our dysfunction has ruined the planet, along with many other things. We must now fix it. Will you help me?

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