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Why I write

By: Bellbell0307

PROMPT: Why I Write

        I write because I need to free the restless spirit inside me. I write to calm the constant wars inside my heart. I write to let out emotions, cries from the unwanted, and overflowing curiosity. To cheer me up, my cure for all is to write.
     I write to free my own imagination. Letting it consume me whole. To overflow my eyes with so many colors of detail and wonder. I write for the good of my life. My mom who can stop working for our community. My dad who is too busy, but always has free time with my brother and me. For my brother who is always doing exercise or playing on the Xbox. I write for my dog, who has a fear of everything. I write to breathe the vigorous air of dreams that can always come true. I write to express my bottled up emotions that I left on the shelf of forgotten dreams. I write for you. Yes, your reader. You have inspired me in so many ways. This is why I write.

Peer Review

'I write for you' - this draws together a lot of the other ideas really cleverly, because although you might be referring to the reader personally, it seems almost as though you're commending the world at large and all the different inspirations every different person and worldly thing has ever offered you. I liked this reason a lot - it's as though you feel you need to give back to the world that has offered you so much. It's also almost a new reason though, drawing on themes of interdependence and general love of humanity - this I found a really engaging reason for writing, and interestingly not one that I've seen in many other pieces responding to this particular prompt. Well done!

'I write because I need to free the restless spirit inside me' - frequently, when I'm writing, I don't feel as though I'm myself - or not the way I'd normally be. When I write I tend to be in some extreme mood, completely possessed by it - otherwise I don't tend to see that there's any point, which I know is bad. If I'm not entirely eaten up by a sensation I don't write about it. I think that links to this idea - you become so wrapped up in an emotion, perhaps negative or positive, that the only way you can escape or celebrate it is to scribe it.

Reviewer Comments

I was wondering if you ever wrote poetry! You turn phrases really gracefully and your style is consistently very eloquent. This worked well in this style and you blended those descriptive sections really effectively with more simple language, making for a really interesting mix of poeticism and frankness. However, I also think that particular style can be used beautifully in verse and would be really interested to see how you might translate something like this to a different genre.
But basically, well done! This was really pleasing to read and I have great admiration for your style. I hope to see more of your work on the site in the future!