Aravis Tarkheena

United States

Writing leads me to thinking.
Thinking leads me to understanding.

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Final edition (which is exactly the same as the second edition).

A Fragment of The Year

December 9, 2017

Each morning the young girl between girlhood and womanhood rose to darkness from her warm smothering blankets. The heater vent warmed her toes as it had for many cold days before. Coldness hovered everywhere but under warm blankets and by the heaters. The sun rose behind the clouds and the sky, visible above the skulking mists, turned light blue. Frosts came turning the roofs shinning white and patterning the cars with ice.
School continued for the first part of the month, and during those days she finished her work and read books while snuggled under warm blankets. Some days were peaceful, others overbooked, some days productive and others just for napping. Every day was different, just like the rest of the year. Baking sweets superseded school.  Hot chocolate ruled on snowy days.
The sun shifted further from us appearing late and fleeing early. The dark time of the year came, the time when pagans of old celebrated Yule to call the sun back, and in the deepest darkness of the year, we celebrate Christ's birth and the coming of the everlasting light.


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