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I'm inexperienced in writing poems, but I wrote this in memory of a little butcher bird that once stayed the night on my window sill until the night I found it dying after being hit by a car :( I'd love any recommendations possible


December 4, 2017


Goodnight my sweet little bird, `
Lying on the road.
May you die with respect,
Which your killer never showed.

Your feathers may be tethered,
Your legs, stiff and high,
But may those lolling eyes catch glimpses
Of the enrapturing night sky.

The stars and the moon shall glow for you,
Although they’ll mourn from afar,
They wish for you to remember their light,
Not the ones of the rusty car.

I say this because I recognise you.
I named you Gorgeous, it seemed right.
You’d fly onto my window sill,
And stay there every night.

I lost a friend the day you arrived,
Because of you, my shattered pieces were fit to mend.
No matter if you were fate or just some mere luck,
You became my new animal friend.

I know I’m not  mistaken,
You are indeed that same bird.
I recognise your features,
And that soft tweet I always heard.

You were my sweet little angel,
I’d wait for you to come back,
To see your simple colours,
Your whole body white and black.

Your dancing feathers seemed as smooth as silk,
Your small serenades flowing like strings,
Every song reassured me of your presence,
Every flutter made my heart sing.

But now, you lay in front of me,
Motionless, you had lost a fight.
Your body gave way, against the car,
Now your eyes were rimmed ghostly white.

May memories grasp your final breaths
As your sparkling eyes slowly fall,
Memories of the nights in my street,
And your beautiful, defying call.

Nights won’t be the same without your visits,
I’m broken, without a word.
I shall always remember this day you were lost,  
The death of my butcher bird.


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  • LackingASocialLife

    aww thankyou so much!

    over 2 years ago
  • DragonMasterFox

    You're such a beautiful writer, this might have to be my favorite writing on this site. <3

    over 2 years ago