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Greek Gods In a Nutshell

December 3, 2017


Zeus - Literally half the problem sin the entire worlds are caused by him.

Hera - Husband constantly cheats on her, but their siblings anyway.

Poseidon - God of the Sea, kind of a jerk.

Hades - The God with the most chill.

Demeter - Gets really sad when her daughter has to go to her husband. That's really it.

Athena - Over powered.

Apollo - Who take care of the sun when he's on the ground?

Artemis - The hunting God is a girl?

Ares - Hated by everyone, even his parents.

Aphrodite - One of the earliest example of arranged marriage.

Hephaestus - Ugly guy, but brian.


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1 Comment
  • Glytch Montoya

    "Brian"? What's that supposed to mean? Who's Brian?

    Also, these seem to be rather accurate. People often depict Hades as a villain, but really, he was a rather nice guy! You know, other than the whole "kidnapped his wife" thing, but he lets her do what she wants to do! He even lets her leave the Underworld from time to time! He's a good kidnapper/husband to Persephone.

    Good work, by the way.

    over 2 years ago